Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Belated Turkey Day!

I hope there were less dumb-dumbs burning down their houses trying to fry turkeys inside this year. I hope you all had a good day yesterday, because I did. The family and I were going to go to the movies, but my sister mentioned going to buy bootlegs of the currently released films, so they nixed going to the theatre. Nothing can comfort me about not going to see Happy Feet. -_-;;

Much later on, me and the boyfriend played Gamecube games. I whooped him in Double Dash and he whooped me in Soul Caliber (despite the weird button setup). Then he played through the first 2 episodes of Viewtiful Joe; after these couple of years, VJ is still really cool. I'm in love with the art/graphic style. It is a good system, that Gamecube. Playing Soul Caliber made me think about the future of fighting games on the Wii. I hope there are at least a few really good ones that debut, with an arcade pad to be included with packaging.That should solve uncomfortable button setups.

I'm working on my assigned part of my Comic Book Artists Guild's first comic issue, "Key/Gate". I believe that's the official name. I don't have the photo reference for the house that's to be used for the comic yet, but I'll alert the members via our Yahoo Group asap so I can have the main character not floating on the floor playing a floating video game. O.o;;; I also need photo reference of the Fantasy Shop of St. Charles. In case you're not a St. Louisan, the FS is a specialty comic book store. We also aspire to have the shop sell some issues of our comic and set up our own online book store for selling our comics. I really hope we can continue this project without any major interruptions. It would be my first major contribution as a 3-year member of the CBAG. ^.^b



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