Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's been a long damn time...

I haven't touched this site in a while, though I do upload various pictures and other media that I post on my LiveJournal. Hey, don't look at me like that; at least I'm not a MySpace whore. Besides, I like Bolt more; I've been there longer and am more involved trolling the masses. I have to admit, they're not that much better than MySpace now that they've created a whole new version of Bolt just to compete with MS's media submission system. And they've paid for it, because Universal has sued them for copyright infringement.

I would blame the dudes at Bolt for not moderating what's submitted, but there -is- a flag function on the site so users can report copyrighted or inappropriate material. It should keep the copyrighted works off the site, but it doesn't. So I blame all of the users who want something for nothing, whether they're doing it to get attention or doing it to share their favorite shows for public viewing. I know the site's going to eventually be plagued with even more ads than it already is, but that's the price of wanting something for nothing. If I "had it like that", I'd pay a subscription fee to not see the ads.

Alas, there are more important things than Bolt or MySpace, like getting my portfolio together and getting it online for viewing. Other than that, this site will remain a place for me to show others my hobbies and perhaps get myself hired by anyone wanting a commission done. Well, not even commissions; any energy that would go to doing freelance work is going to working with my college's Comic Book Artists Guild. We're trying to get a comic issue out by this December. Until then, you'll see quicky art and stuff done in my past classes in the gallery. =P

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