Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All done!

Well, except for the pencil roughs from the beginning of class, but everything else is complete. I hope it all is to my instructor's satisfaction. I bought the Clerks 2 box set about 2 weeks ago, and I told myself that I wouldn't open it until I was done with all my work. So there, I'll be watching Clerks 2 this evening. If I don't fall asleep first. O.o One more class, yay! I'll have to submit yet another appeal for financial aid since I believe I bombed my painting class. But nonetheless, that's what I shall do, and hopefully that will take care of most of my tuition for just one class. I forget what it's called when a person only takes one class. It's not part time...whatever. Hopefully I'll get something. The class costs $234. I have nowhere near that saved in my bank account. o_o;;



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