Thursday, December 28, 2006

On a roll

I updated my website a little bit more today. I formatted the comments template to better blend with the site, and it no longer shows comments in a pop-up window. However, I had to sacrifice showing more than 1 blog entry on the main page just in case of multiple comments. I've finally uploaded my PDF portfolio and linked it in the side bar over there --->. In time, I guess that will also be updated along with my gallery.

I thought about adding a BBS to my site, just a simple one. The loss of traffic since my last hiatus justfies me not installing one. I think the comment system works well enough. If that doesn't work (or is just too damn unattractive), I'll go back to the comment CGI script I was using before. But no BBS or forum system for now. I don't even need a guestbook at this point. :P

I do plan on adding a Photography directory to the Gallery soon. Any photoscans of my paintings can go under "Color" for now. Most of the junk/incompleted art I have in the Gallery will be moved to another directory that will be accessible to all; looking at all of the work that's not completed or even my best is starting to make me cringe. I'll probably watermark the stuff that's my own original work regardless of it being junk. I still think that the majority of my work is too bad to justify theft and infringment, but even so, stay away, posers! I'm a student for Perl's sake; let me have my bread and butter.

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