Monday, January 8, 2007

First painting uploaded!

Yeah, like the title says. A color oil painting has been uploaded into the Color Gallery. It's actually my fourth assignment in my Painting 1 class. My teacher really liked it, and said that in his opinion it was the best painting for the assignment out of all the students. I find that flattering, because there were 3 classes bunched into one time-slot: Painting 1, 2, and Advanced Painting. If he thinks I did better on that than the more advanced students, then that's awesome. He didn't want to put it up for exhibition during the mid terms though. Out of all the the work shown, it would've been the strongest piece. So he took my next best one. -_-; I think the lot of my paintings are nice; I'll be uploading more as soon as I can take pictures of them.

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