Saturday, March 10, 2007

All good things must come to an least for something better to come along.

Today I left my job at Dierbergs. The pay sucked, but the coworkers were kind and usually entertaining to interact with. Can't forget the jerk customers that came through. I wouldn't have toughened up without them.

I want to get the hell out this house as soon as possible. I'm 23, and I don't have my dream job yet. I'm working on it, and getting my foot through the door seems possible now, but I just wish I had my job just a little bit longer. Even though my mom's doing extremely well for a real estate agent (rookie agent), she doesn't make enough to even match what I was getting at Dierbergs. When I used to baby sit, I'd make $100/month to do it. I can't live off of that! My mom said that she would send people my way who need web sites done for them. That hasn't happened yet. I'm not letting her trap me here. I love her, but I want my own life and way of doing things.

Ok, rant over. So like I said above before going all emo - I've been working on the site again. The Contact page has been updated; I added a contact form for those who may just be lazy enough to not want to open Outlook/Eudora/Thunderbird or open another browser window to access their webmail accounts. It's faster. It's convenient. And hopefully it won't get detected by spam bots. I wish the form mailer script came with a captcha filter added in. Good news is that it catches more than 90% of the spambots out there. Bad news is that spamming companies now hire people to pass captcha filters. Good thing I'm not so popular. :P Whilst watching my sister's children tomorrow, the new job hunt begins, and this time I'm looking for a job in my field. I will update my resume and post it here, at my college's Experience database, and other various job sites across the web. Cross your fingers for me, everybody! :D

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