Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Digging up the old and shameful...

I found my old flash animations in case anyone who's never seen them can see what I was able to do when I first dabbled in Flash animation. I used the animation application called "Koolmoves", which is the inexpensive alternative to Macromedia's/Adobe's Flash. Great interface, and it was easy to learn how to do everything that can be done with the program. Ok enough plugging. Click here to view my old Flash section. There's lots of tweening, as I never did catch onto doing frame-by-frame animation. I'm pretty sure I could now, now that I'm a better drawer overall. Maybe I'll have the time to re-do some of my old stuff and continue what I started. Someday.

The animations cannot be viewed in Firefox, but they can be viewed in Internet Explorer. If you have the IE Tab plugin for Firefox, just click the browser icon in the lower right-hand corner of the browser's window. It will then switch the window/tab to an IE window/tab without you having to open IE at all. It is required that you do have Internet Explorer installed on your computer to use the IE Tab plugin for Firefox (duh!).



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