Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm feeling a bit accomplished today

Just a tad. I finally made the necessary tweaks to my old poster design in order for it to become a t-shirt design. Not only that, but I've went ahead with the Cafepress idea too. I now have a store ready for selling t-shirts and art prints. I don't have any art prints yet; I'm still searching for ways to make suitable reproductions of my work.

Nevertheless, I've created t-shirts with my design on them, and they're ready for purchase. It's a t-shirt geared toward gamers, especially those who appreciate Nintendo. If you know any gamers that like to buy gamer stuff, please refer them to my store. There's a link to it in the web site menu now, along with a link to it in the Atom feed. I don't have much in the store to offer, but thanks for giving it a quick look. And a special thanks to anyone who would buy my work.

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