Monday, April 2, 2007

I hope you guys didn't mind.

Har har har, April Fool's Day is over. Telling from the hitcounter at the bottom of the page, I'd say my AFD joke worked. I had something much better in mind, but was too lazy to execute it in time. So I made up the "Google stole my web site" page as a quicky. It fooled at least a few people I'm sure. As for the joke I wanted to do, I'm not going to say what it is. Should I remember what it is by time of next year, I'll do it then. It has something to do with the blooper that is my site's domain name. When I first paid for web hosting and opened my site under it's own domain 4 years ago, I had a bit of frustration keeping a certain group of people out of my site. That's all the hint you get to next year's AFD joke.

Time certainly flies. My site's been operating on the hosting solution for a little more than 4 years now, but my site's technically been around since 2001 (when I was using AOL hometown as my site's host, bleh). Come May, Lexi's Lounge will have been on the internet for 6 years. Go, me! It's been through lots of changes, from content to layout to hosting solutions (free hosting solutions). I believe this current layout should be version 8 or 9 by now. I've learned quite a bit about web site design since my first time trying to learn HTML years ago. I still prefer simple over busy-looking designs. I spent a year with my site on hiatus, because I was planning on how I wanted to present the newest version of Lexi's Lounge.

I wanted for it to still be "my personal space" where I can blog about whatever I want and post whatever art or design I can come up with no matter how risque some people may judge it (half-naked womyns, lol). But I also want it to be a place where I can promote myself to potential clients/employers, showcasing what I can do when it comes to design, art, and communication. I want to be me; I want my site to present me as who I am today and what my abilities are as a graphic designer, illustrator, and general fine artist. Admittedly, I've worked more on getting my site to work than updating my art galleries, but they're updated little by little. Eventually, everything that I want in my offline portfolio will be online for viewing by companies that view my online job profiles.

Speaking of my online job profiles, I hope someone will get back to me soon on the jobs I applied to. Only one employer has, so that means people are at least looking at my resume. It's a shame most job sites only upload Word doc-formatted resumes. I'm planning a nicely designed printed version and would like to upload it in Word format if the software used will recognize the images and type used within it. PDF would be even better, but I guess I can keep that for my own site. I have a lot I want to say, as usual, but I'll save the thoughts for later. What's the point of blogging when you jot everything down in one entry? :P

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