Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old site feature revisited

It's not listed in the menu, but I have a torrent tracker hosted here. It used to be used as a convenience for Ragnarok Online players to download the needed Korean RO client in order to play the many free servers that exist over the internet. That and I used to host Gunbound's installation file when it was [at first] difficult to download from Softnyx's download servers. Someone uploaded a torrent to some manga, but I never bothered to download the file to see what it really was [if it was really manga].

Well, it's back. I've upgraded the tracker to the newest version, so I've lost quite a bit of old shoutbox posts. I don't have much on the tracker, but the news update there explains it well enough. I've created and uploaded a torrent of Adobe's standalone Flash Player 9. It's the executable (no need for installation) program that views shockwave files created by flash programs.

This is a godsend for me. Some of my Graphic Design History classmates have given their presentations, but a few of them had difficulty getting their presentations to work correctly. This stems from a few problems: 1) The Mac computer they needed to use for the presentations didn't have the fonts used in their presentations. One girl was smart enough to save the fonts to her flash drive, but the installation of them to the computer was a failure. 2) Some guy had image embedding problems in Powerpoint (Despite that, the rest of his presentation went well.). 3) Some people have done their Powerpoints on a PC and not on a Mac, so we'll have to switch classrooms, where [on PCs] we can still encounter the first 2 problems. Yay.

All that being said, I'm going to try to approach this differently than everyone else. For one, I don't have Powerpoint at home on my PC; I have's Impress for slide show presentations. OOo Impress can save to Powerpoint and is mostly compatible with MS Powerpoint. A plus, but I'm not out of the woods. Secondly, the fonts I may use for my presentation may not be installed on the PC in the classroom. More than likely, converting my presentation to a flash .swf file would be ideal for cross-platform compatibility, whether it's going to be shown on PC or Mac. OOo Impress can save my file as a .swf file but without the transition effects. Not a total loss since the presentation itself doesn't get maimed in the process. But OH NOES!!! Lastly, the PC used for the presentations may or may not have the latest version of the Flash plugin...if it has any flash plugin at all.

That's where the standalone Flash Player 9 comes in. For as long as I can remember, the standalone player provided by Macromedia (and now Adobe) is the one true, always FREE, solution to SWF-to-EXE projector file conversion. Just go to File => Create projector => Save it to whatever directory you want => Done! It's as simple as 3 clicks.

Do not pay out the rear when one of the world's finest software companies gives you a great tool for free. There are software conversion tools that do the same thing, except they are created by 3rd party companies and are not free. I won't say don't buy them, but when the alternatives are shareware, and the tool that was produced by the very creators of Flash technology is and always has been free, what's the best choice? Don't be a dope, is all I have to say.

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