Friday, April 20, 2007

Pokemon Online

Pokemon Online - The Fan-Created MMORPG

I really liked Pokemon when I was younger. I wasn't a hardcore fan and didn't battle others much, but the thought of Pokemon going online for worldwide adventures really brings me back to the excitement of first playing the Gameboy games. Pokemon Online (POL) is still very much in development, but it looks very good.

If it is what I think it is, it was a project started by someone on an old P.O. game site (which I still had bookmarked), but then he disappeared for some reason. Whatever that reason, at least the game is in good hands now. There isn't any catching of pokemon in the game yet, but there is a lot more features to be added to this game. You can go to the site to see what the game currently offers.

A reminder to all out there: This game is NOT being created by anyone at Nintendo. However, according to some source, Nintendo hasn't ordered a cease in desist (unlike Squeenix, the bastards. I'll never forgive you for stopping the "Chrono Trigger Resurrection Project"!) and has actually permitted the current POL team to continue creating the MMO. As long as they're not making a profit off of the game, that is. That might explain the annoying ads though, but I'm sure that's to help with the cost of the servers, which the POL team is (I believe) are paying for.

If you were ever a Pokemon fan, or if you are interested in experiencing Pokemon for the first time, make sure to try out POL. And check out the new Pokemon games being released for the DS (

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