Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here comes the gravy train!

A week ago I managed to get a client from my mother, who happens to be one of her real estate clients. He wanted a website and 300 business cards. Now the card design was based off the web site design, which I'll upload a screen shot of both to the gallery as soon as I get his site up and going. This is the good news. The bad news is that I let the man get away with all of that for $180. ALL OF IT. And he had the nerve to say he was patronizing me because he's my first official design commission and that I should keep my prices low because the people in the city won't understand that they're paying for the designing of their product and the printing that occurs afterwards. What he implied is that our city's black urban community is too stupid to understand that a $250 commission is actually cheap in comparison to what most other graphic designers will charge them.

Oh-My-God. I charged him cheaply for my designs and charged him the difference of the supplies I had to buy for the cards. He got off so light it actually makes me a little upset. I'll never do that again. If someone wants me to design anything like a web site or business card or any design work, they're going to have to come off of at least $250 for me to do it, not including the printing costs. I'm seriously trying to make a career out of the talent I have, and I'm not going to be pressured by (people who think they know so much but need to pay designers to do what they actually don't know much about) tell me what price I should charge anyone. Period. Now get off my chesticles. Jerks. >:[

In much better news, I mailed off my resume, complete with cover letter and tear sheet to a healthcare center here in the area. Hopefully I'll be hearing from someone this week. In the meantime I've been filling my time with this. This program has some serious money-making potential. I plan to stay with it, because it's one of the very few out there that can be trusted when it comes to making money off the internet. After signing up, members can sign up with other trusted programs in order to increase earnings and gain more people to join in the profits to be made. If you have or can manage to get enough social pull, I suggest getting everyone you know into participating in Marketing Pond and its affiliated programs.

The easiest program to participate in is Agloco. The company is owned by the users, and user activity is tracked through a spyware-free, adware-free, and above all virus-free viewbar that is easily installed and controlled from the desktop. The viewbar must be running in order for Agloco to track your web surfing. That's all you get paid to do: web surf. It's the easiest money making venture ever. And as with the rest of the marketing programs, the best way to benefit from Agloco is to sign up, download the viewbar, and tell all of your family, friends, and work associates about it.

What's even better is to sign up from Marketing Pond and then sign up to Agloco from there. Also sign up for any other programs that interest you. The more you sign up for and participate in, the more potential you have to make money from doing what you usually do when you connect to the web, which is probably next to nothing. Please check out Marketing Pond, and good luck if you sign up! Contact me if you do and I can send you a few tips to get you started on promoting the programs for yourself. :D

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