Tuesday, June 26, 2007

IBackup: Second to none while offering drag-and-drop simplicity

There are a lot of places on the web that offer storage space for all kinds of files. Maybe you went a little bat crazy converting your favorite vinyl albums to digital. Maybe you're a small businessman who has a lot of records to transfer to another computer but can't because your removable storage just doesn't have enough space. Maybe you have a huge collection of family photos that need saving, but the files are large in order to keep the pictures high in quality. In all of the above cases, sometimes your own local hard drive storage is not enough.You need web storage that's reliable, high in performance, and above all else affordable. IBackup has the perfect solution, its Online Storage system.

IBackup's online storage comes with exclusive access to either a web browser-based and desktop-based drag-and-drop file transfer protocol client. Both are made to be easy for anyone who's beginner to intermediate concerning using FTP for web storage. Just like Window's Explorer program, all you have to do is drag your file to your IBackup drive, mapped onto your computer as a network drive, and just drop it in the drive. With fast and secure access, you can access your IBackup account for storing files from anywhere. This service cannot be beaten by other competitors due to the high quality in service and affordable plans offered. If you need more file space, then please consider IBackup. It makes online file storage simple and convenient for everyone no matter the situation.

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