Thursday, June 14, 2007

MyLot! Get paid to be a part of a discussion community

I signed up for a really nice site called My Lot, which is a place where users can add their blog for syndication and discuss any top they choose (I believe even "adult" matters can be talked about, but don't hold me to it). Lots of blogs are listed, including the popular ones you already read everyday. Any of the MyLot members can surf among the blogs to read topics and discuss them at the feeds' websites or start their own discussions on MyLot.

This following link is my myLot User Profile. I joined because it's great exposure to me and my own website. And it offers a great incentive to all who sign up. Not only do you get to meet a lot of cool people and create a network of friends and contacts, you get paid to. How sweet is that? All of you rabid MySpace people should know a thing or two about growing your own network of friends. Syndicate your MySpace profiles and blogs at MyLot and make your networks bigger. Blogger users too can join in and syndicate their blogs at MyLot in order to increase readership (and possibly generate more sales with your AdSense ads. Whether or not you have either kind of blog, it shouldn't stop you from putting your hands in the cookie jar with the rest of us. :D

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