Sunday, July 15, 2007

A better use of your text messaging

I'm such a gadget geek. I got my Nokia 6620 just so I can play a MMORPG on my cell phone, surf the web, play mp3s and stream internet radio, and text people like mad. But with such a use, you need a data plan, which I promptly paid for. Unfortunately under the current circumstances, I can't afford to play with my phone anymore. So I got rid of my $20 per month feature. It had unlimited internet usage, but only 200 text messages. Yeah, it sucks to be broke. It's not that text messaging is expensive, but over a period of sending and receiving it can be. But alas, it's cheaper for me to have no data plan than to have a plan with unlimited anything. I can't even afford to get my Xbox 360 now. Or so I thought. is a  web site where you use your cell phone to win cool prizes and be entered into the daily sweepstakes. The way to play is to bid the lowest, and you use to phone to find out if you're the lowest bidder. You can play using the web site or straight from your cell phone (this feature is premium member-only). There is proof of someone even winning a 2007 Scion car. Seriously, how cool is that? This site reminds me of the bid wars that occur on eBay. The majority of the best bids come when there's the least amount of time left. I have to admit there is a rush that occurs when duking it out with others for the best bid. Fortunately, this isn't anything like eBay, as you don't have to pay a cent for any of your winnings. :)

The web site has a bunch of cool free gifts and a cash prize, but you can only bid so many times each day. This is a good thing, if you're like me (with no data plan whatsoever for my cell phone), you'll want to keep text messages to a minimum. The average cost of text messaging is $.10 per message, whether sent or received. To get unlimited text messaging shouldn't be expensive at all, but if you're trying to keep the costs down, I suggest you get clever with the way you bid. After all, only the lowest and most unique bids win prizes. 

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