Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good news to freelance writers - MatrixMails pays you to write!

There are quite a number of web sites out there that pay people to write, and I'm not talking about paid-to-blog (even thought they're pretty good examples). Sites like Associated Content pay people to publish their articles using their system, and from what I hear, similar sites also pay well enough for each article written. I'm not a member of those sites, but I am a member of a number of GPT (get paid to) sites. One of my GPTs offer payment not only for clicking ads and reading emails but for writing articles - MatrixMails.com. Right now MatrixMails.com pays well for articles written - from $3 to $20 per article.

I didn't remember seeing the Paid-To-Write button in the site's menu before, so it looks to be fairly new. Being that it's new, there are only a couple of categories to choose from: online games and web hosting. Despite the lack of categories, there are plenty of online games and hosting sites to review and spill the latest news about. This leaves members with a very good opportunity to write articles and get paid.

If you fancy yourself a pretty good writer, I suggest joining MatrixMails.com. Eventually there will be more topics to write news and reviews on, giving you the flexibility you're looking for in a freelance writing gig.


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