Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Greed Site - the GPT that found me

I haven't posted in several days. It's something that I will post about later, but right now I have something else on my plate. In my last post, a fellow blogger Iliana found my site via one of her friend's site. Short story even shorter, I've been invited to a new paid-to-do-offers web site called Greed Site

It just started, but it looks to be off to a nice start. Iliana's got quite a few advertisers who are offering free products, free service trials, and quite a few surveys. Making the $25 payout should be quick. For all of you non-U.S. readers out there, go ahead and sign up, because Greed Site is international. The only payment method right now is PayPal. I don't mind it. I prefer that than waiting to receive checks in the mail. Smile

To make sure you are credited for offers completed, it's recommended that you clear your browser cookies before or after each offer. Don't clear them while in the middle of completing an offer, or you'll screw yourself over. The cookies are used by companies to track who has completed what offer. If you don't bother to clear your browser's cookies, you most likely won't get paid by Greed Site, because the advertisers won't give GS credit for you completing offers.

That's pretty much the advice given at most GPT sites that feature paid offers. If you still have trouble getting credit for completing offers, switch browsers. If you're using Firefox 2, you can install the IE Tab extension that will allow you to open Internet Explorer tabs from within Firefox 2. I hope you guys sign up quickly and start referring your friends. Besides doing easy offers for cash, your friends and family (not of the same household) can earn you more $$$. Thumbs-up

<-- This button will remain in the side bar. You can use it for your own referral links if you want.

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