Thursday, July 5, 2007

Make some extra income at home!

I've been using some sites to take a bit of money on the site. These aren't get-rich-quick, but they do pay out. Click "Read more!" below to view a few of my favorite money-earning programs.


Myster e-Mail is a program that pays out randomly with no minimum amount to have in your account. There aren't any points to gain, but the money you're getting is for clicking ads, reading emails, and going paid searches. You can either wait until you get your money via Paypal or E-Gold, or you can use the money to advertise your site.

CashCrate is great for those who live in the United States like me. All I'm doing are the surveys. You don't need to do the free offers or trials to make money here (though there are some nice offers to consider). The easiest payout is doing surveys, and the minimum payout at Cashcrate is $10. You can definitely make more than $10 immediately after signing up for CC. 

Free Money at FusionCash!

FusionCash is the same as CashCrate. You get paid to sign up for offers and trials, and do surveys all for the love of extra income. I'm almost to payout which is $25. With FusionCash, you can withdraw your earnings via Paypal, check, even direct deposit.

CashDuck is the same as both FusionCash and CashCrate with money-earning methods. However CashDuck provides numerous ways of getting paid: gift cards, gift certificates, a test check, regular check, and Paypal. Effective as of June 11 of this year, the only way members can cash out with Paypal is to first cash out via snail mail methods, like a check or gift card. This is to prevent fraud, and Kira, the site admin, is very serious about stopping fraud. Trust me, it works out for everyone this way. As soon as you receive your first snail-mail payment, go ahead and cash out with Paypal. CashDuck's Paypal method requires no minimum payout. That's pretty sweet, and very unlike CashCrate and FusionCash.

Clix Sense is a good program. You get paid to view ads for 30 seconds, with each ad paying at least 1 cent. It's beneficial to upgrade to the premium account so that you can see more ads, thus earn more money. The minimum payout is $10. You can either cash out or use your funds for advertising your own sites and programs. If you are looking to get paid via internet methods like Paypal or E-Gold, don't hold your breath. Clix Sense is check only in order to combat abusers who would create multiple accounts to receive electronic payment. I personally don't mind receiving a check, because when it all comes down to it, it all spends. :)

LinkGrand is a really good one. The minimum payout is $5, and you cash out via Paypal. This program is like Myster e-Mail; you click and view ads for 15 seconds to earn cash. There are plenty of ads to view everyday, so keep this site open in your browser. is another Paid-To-Click site. View ads that are worth $.01 each for 30 seconds. Just like all of the sites I'm mentioning, it would benefit to build your downline in these programs. The more friends you bring along for the ride, the more money you make. With AdBuddy, you get 100% of what your referrals are making. The minimum here is $10 and is Paypal only. Beware: if you have a premium/business account with Paypal, they'll take a small chunk of your payout for a processing fee. 

Agloco is one of the easiest ways people can make money on the internet. Just sign up, download, install, and run the viewbar, and start surfing like you usually do. You don't have to click the ads to earn money, just view your favorite websites or search using Google or whatever search engine you favor. You can either earn shares or cash with your activity. The maximum amount of hours you can get paid for is 5 hours per month. Don't stop using the viewbar even if you get to the max hours, because you surfing with viewbar running actually benefits the program long after.


Take The Internet Back is much different than most PTC programs. All you have to do is read emails and confirm that you've read them. That's it. It also benefits members who refer other people to sign up, because the only way you can get paid is if you've referred at least 2 other people to the program. The minimum payout is $20, which can be easily reached. Just have some friends sign up under you, and you'll be getting paid.

Online Earnings is just like Myster E-Mails too. Just click ads and view them for about 15 seconds. The e-mails you get from Online Earnings are worth more than the ones on the web site, but click and view every ad you can. There is no minimum payout, and members get paid ever 15 days. It pays to read the many emails everyday and check the web site for ads. The traffic exchange is great! With just 10 cents, you can have about 300 visits to your own web sites and downline programs. Advertising that way is very cheap, but you don't have to use your cash to earn site traffic. There is a point system used to earn visits in the traffic exchange.


The web sites above (except for FusionCash and CashDuck) can be found at Marketing Pond. Marketing Pond is a system that members use to gain referrals for a number of earning programs listed. You can advertise your Marketing Pond referral site alone, and you should be getting plenty of sign ups. As with all downline programs, getting referrals will be slow at first, but if you put work into advertising you'll get visits to your sites that are listed in Marketing Pond and even get sign ups. You can use the programs that are listed to earn money and advertise at the same time, so it will pay off to sign up to all of the programs that are offered through Marketing Pond. You don't have to use all of the sites at the same time, just concentrate some and move on to others when you feel like it. If you want your programs to get equal exposure, Marketing Pond is a great way to do it!

That's all for now. There are notes I'd like to add before I go on with my review of the Michael Bay-directed movie "Transformers":

FusionCash, CashDuck, and CashCrate are all U.S. only programs. Every other program is international. All programs are offered to one person per household unless stated otherwise. Having multiple accounts with different names on them won't fool the programs' administrators, so don't be foolish.

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