Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Birthday weekend

My birthday had come and gone on July 28. It was wonderful. The highlight was going out with my boyfriend and having sushi and drinks. We had a table outside in the nice warm weather, so we got to watch the sun set as we were sitting there. We experimented with sushi we've never eaten before. I liked all of it for the most part. Now for presents, I didn't get much, but it's to be expected. I'm not a little girl anymore. If I count what my boyfriend got me at Otakon, I got a $50 copy of the original Famicom "Mother" cart (aka "Earthbound Zero" everywhere but Japan) and a Phoenix Wright t-shirt reading "iObject". Cute. As for money gifts, my mother gave me $100, one of my uncles gave me $25 for lunch (thank you!), and my grandparents also gave me $25 (Another free meal? Woot.). Dancing

I do believe I jinxed my boyfriend by saying "This day has been great, and nothing bad has happened". "What do you mean?", he asked. "I mean I'm glad nothing has spoiled the day for me." I replied. Well, on the way back to his friend's place (I so wanted to play "Gears of War"; I miss that game.), his car's engine began to overheat. We exited the highway and parked at the nearest gas station. He couldn't find what was wrong, but he didn't want to risk taking me home without a more thorough inspection. So basically I crashed with him at his friend's place.

Even with a clearer look in the daylight and driving around he couldn't pinpoint the problem. He took me home and had his car towed back to the dealership from there. After watching several episodes of "Samurai Champloo" (Bless that wonderful Dish Network DVR receiver, I've got almost every episode.), we left the house in my car and had dinner at Imo's Pizza. Then to walk off the food, we went to Best Buy where my bf purchased a copy of Quake 4. I watched him play it before going home, and now I want to play it. I honestly wasn't into FPS games back in the day, but they look really fun now. I might pick up a copy eventually. I have too many games to finish. And credit card debt. *slaps hand for thinking of splurging*

So that was my birthday weekend. It was fun, and my boyfriend's car is fixed. Whatever it was, I hope it wasn't serious and is covered under the warranty. As for me, I need to look into getting a new car, as mine is on its way out. Sure I could replace the engine, but what for? The body is fucked (partially my fault). With dents, rust, and faded paint, I do not want to rack up more debt to fix the inevitable. It's time for something that was made in the new millenium. RIP, 1992 Eagle Talon. And before anyone bothers to ask, no it's not a TSI model or has turbo or anything like it. It was a regular old stock manual transmission model that got me from destination A to B.... while letting my lead foot do all the work, hehehe.



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