Monday, July 16, 2007

Today is teh suck

I knew something was strange when the kids have been totally obedient today. My oldest nephew has been sitting down and sharing toys with his younger brother, who happened to obey my command to sit on the potty and enjoy an episode or two of Spongebob, and my little niece had just slumped over on my mom's bed for her afternoon nap...after taking the time to play tug-of-war with my mother's curtains. Today has been good until now.

My grandpa's doctor just called because he couldn't get in touch with him. My grandparents' phone had been busy for some reason. I figured I'd better make sure I could get in touch with them because it sounded pretty important.

As I was sitting here in front of my computer, I received my daily job search alert from (great search engine if you're looking for employment). Guess what was on the top of the search results for today's "graphic designer in St. Louis, MO" search? Scottrade is looking for a CHINESE graphic designer. Not just ANY graphic designer; apparently you must be Chinese to apply. WTF?! Why is race being considered for this job position? I went to the page with the job description. It says nothing about how being Chinese is a plus for the graphic designer position. The link to their diversity policy is to the left of the page, and the disclosure that Scottrade is an equal opportunity employer is in bold at the bottom of the job description. BUT they are looking for someone of a specific race. I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but as a person looking for work in this field, it really does feel like a slap in the face. If recruiting employees based on their ethnicity is Scottrade's method of increasing diversity, I think they need to reconsider.

Next up on the WTF scale is the vandalism my grandparents and their neighbor received by the resident brats today. It happened sometime early morning. The bastards responsible poured mustard and hot sauce on my grandparents' porch, along with their next door neighbor, and smeared the rest of it on their front wall and windows. After that they put an open bag of cooking oil on top of my cousin's car, letting the sun's rays melt the bag which had the oil pouring down the back of her car. How creative. My grandparents and cousin just got done cleaning the mess a little while ago, and now they're talking with the police. My grandparents are seriously thinking about investing in a security camera. We already know one of the little shits responsible; he used to be a pal of my younger brother.

He's now the local bad kid. He's not much older than my brother (who is 16-y-o), and he's already breaking into people's homes. The kids he hangs out with are just as bad as he is. I would have thought he'd have more respect for my grandmother. She used to try to teach him right from wrong, and when my brother and him would come in from a long afternoon of playing she'd feed them and give them Kool-Aid. She was sweet to the kids even when they acted up. She would never yell at them.  A few weeks ago, she told his friend to stop breaking bottles on the street, but the kid cursed her and started throwing rocks at her. My brother's old friend didn't join his buddy in assaulting my grandmother, but he didn't stop him in time either. Even if he wasn't involved in what happened this morning, he'd probably rat his friends out. His parents should go to jail with him. They chose to not teach their son the discipline and respect he'll need if he's to make it out here. They're such jokes as parents, can you really call them that?

My mother is with my grandparents right now, so everything should be ok. I'll definitely be housesitting for my grandparents when they leave for Michigan this weekend. And I'll have my digital camcorder with me. Oh yes, I will be watching out for those punks, and they will be recorded should they try to do it again.



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