Monday, July 16, 2007

With great summer weather comes great gardening opportunities

The summer is in full swing. Here in the United States, we're experiencing some pretty hot days. Last week was our (here in St. Louis, MO) cooling off period. It was a good thing too; the plants needed the break from the sun's rays. I'm not much of a green thumb type. I do love to plant things, but I wet behind the ears when it comes to keeping my saplings flourishing. Now my mom, she's great.

She doesn't have much by means of fancy gardening tools, but her blood, sweat, and hard work pay off. It really shows; many of her flower trees are in full bloom and are very lovely. Now she wants to expand into yard decorations, like yard lights. She's the reason I'm glad I found Online Discount Mart; it's a store that vendors home and garden goods. I checked out the store, and it seems that garden gnomes are back in popularity thanks to tv commercials (hahaha, The Traveling Gnome). And this summer Online Discount Mart is doing a great promotion: 10% off of all orders from now until the end of summer.

Nowadays, offline retail stores can't beat the bargains that can be found in online retail stores. Even you green thumbs and interior decorators can save even more at Online Discount Mart. Come take advantage of the savings while they're hot. And seriously, it's friggin hot outside! @o@;;

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