Thursday, August 2, 2007

First payment from Opinion Outpost

Have you ever thought about how annoying those old hags and meddling college students would be when they walked around trying to get people to participate in their surveys? Well, now it's not so annoying. Nowadays people can get cash for doing paid surveys. It's usually quick, easy, and done at any time of the day. When you want to do it. That's how it is with a paid survey site like Opinion Outpost.

In my first couple of days there I made $5.50. I'm an impatient wench; I decided to withdraw my $5.50 since the minimum payout is $5. I just received my check today.

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It's awesome to get cash for REAL surveys, not email submissions that merely offer you deals on stuff at other people's web sites and stores. I don't mind completing email submissions; money is money. That and that's what junk email accounts are for. :P But with email submissions, you get at the most $1.00 per submission. Yay. Sure it all adds up, but Opinion Outpost provides authentic marketing surveys that help with product and service analysis. It pays much more than doing email submission surveys.

Even though Opinion Outpost's payout is only $5, I'm going to try my best to just let the money build up in my account and then withdraw it. I want to see a nice fat check instead of a $5 check. Who knows. The money all adds up in the end anyway, regardless of where it sits. Thumbs-up 

That all said, if you don't mind getting paid to complete surveys, Opinion Outpost is a good program to sign up for. And no, I'm not getting paid by O.O. to blog this. I'm not a member of their affiliate program....yet. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Winking

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