Wednesday, July 30, 2003

A slice of life, one year at a time

Two days ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday. Well, it wasn't much celebrating; everyone had went to work, since it was a monday and all, and I had only received one present: Advanced Wars for the GBA. I'm used to being disappointed when it comes to birthdays, because almost every bday, it's on a week day. That and everyone else is broke by time my bday comes up.

But this year, my friend Zero shined through for me; he went to a GameStop store and reserved DDR Max 2 for me. Weeee! Yeah, Max 2 doesn't come here until (supposedly) Sept/Oct, but it's worth the wait. XD Thanks, Zero! *huggles* My mom had given me $40, and my grandfolks $25, so with the money I'm holding onto now, I should be able to buy a digital camera. I can see the evil in that. Now, I'll be able to take pics of EVERYTHING!!! I should be able to put an updated pic of myself up soon. Well, it seems the reason why my bday was so cheap is because my mom and grandfolks are going to get me a car. It won't be much, just something to get me to/from home and college, with the occassional running around with friends. :)

News for today: Someone tried to steal my cousin's car. Honest-living people can't have anything, can they? Geez! I hope the bastard who attempted the theft gets caught. >:( Other news, I found where I put that piece of my anticipated flash movie. It's not much of a look into the entire toon, but it's proof that I've done something. Here ya go: Clicky for flash!


Saturday, July 12, 2003

Lexi's Lounge: Blogger Beginnings

Testing new update system. Using Blogger now. :)

Yeah, it's been a long time since I did any updates (besides the usual gallery post, but even that seems to be a while ago). Well, just wanted everyone to know that one, I haven't stopped comming to my site (in other words, I'm not dead), and two, I haven't forgotten about that flash cartoon I promised. I do have a bit of it online already, so I'll post a link as soon as I can remember what I did with it, lol.

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