Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The Double Agent Art Teacher, The Talon, and PSXExtreme Awesome

Back in college for my third year. God, is it boring already. For some reason, I can't even get into the swing of my Figure Drawing class, which sucks because it's a cool class. The instructor needs to lay off a little in my opinion; I get to school on time, but she insists on using the reeeeaaaalllly fast clock in the classroom, and therefore, I've been "tardy" 3 times in a row. I know I'm running the actual time on my watch so I know I was early, but I guess it's treason to argue my case with my art instructor. So uptight, that woman. >.> Being drained from babysitting from 3 pm - 10/11/12(!?) pm doesn't help the drive to do ANY homework. I use any chance I get to nap, mainly when my nephew naps. I also try to hang out with my peeps when I get the chance to. Brings some sort of relief to the work week. Thank God my Fitness Center class is only 8 weeks long; I get some more time to do shit before the semester's up, namely more napping and homework.[/rant]

Oh yeah, I've gots my car; it's a '92 Eagle Talon (Mistubishi Eclipse). :P Photos of it are in the forum. It's a 5 spd, so I had to learn to drive that sucker (God, I love my mother and respect her even more.). I've made some significant progress, but I'll just say that backing up in a 5 speeder has become my arch nemesis. Something's wrong with first gear, but most of the time, I can't get a good start off anyways. I take my foot off the clutch w/o giving it enough gas. At least the car doesn't stall like it did when I first started learning. ><;;

Anyways, I've joined the staff at PSX Extreme as an article contributor. I've done two tasty Playstation 2 game previews so far; I've linked them up in the Games section.