Saturday, November 1, 2003

Portal system-Beta test

Hope the lot of you had a happy Halloween. I saw plenty of trick-or-treaters outside last night, so I'm pretty sure most of the kids around here in St. Louis had fun.

Anyways, I'm thinking of turning my site from HTML-based to a Perl-scripted portal system. It'll still be a website, just rearranged and semi-automated. It'll, imo, provide a better community for every visitor to participate in, such as writing articles. That could prove useful for all the folks out there that said they would write game previews/reviews for my site. ^_^ But it's not a definite until I know I can confirm at least 90% functionality. So that's why I'm calling out to my visitors; I need you guys to visit the 'beta' portal system and confirm if the system works on your ends. If you receive any script/software errors, please contact me or comment on this post. If anyone receives a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error, that's not my fault; it's most likely the webhost or your internet connection. So don't bother telling me about this kind of error; it's out of my hands. I only want script/timeout/software errors concerning the portal system. Click here now to get started. Thank all of you that participate in this 'beta' testing.