Thursday, November 30, 2006

And the site progresses. ^.^

I finally added my personal logo to my site. It's the logo I'll be using for all my professional and personal work. I can't wait to see it on a business card that I can stick onto my portfolio. XD I also changed the background a bit. Fun Mecha, my site's past mascot, is back, but not as her cute animated self. Even though it's clean, the background was just so empty. She doesn't seem to crowd the page, which is good, because I don't want it to be too busy.

I've been trying to dig up my old Photography 1 photos. There's this photo I did of a water fountain that looked really good. It's my best black and white photo, and I think it's a must for my portfolio. If only I can remember what I did with the binder my old negatives are in. T___T

I also plan on updating the galleries again soon. I'm going to re-sort all of my images into a more organized gallery. Traditional art, Colored Digital Art, Oekaki (Despite being digital, I think the oekaki stuff should be separate always.), Sketch, and finally a Photography gallery will be uploaded. I want to get my hands on my painting work done in class, but they're still on display in the hallways. If I don't receive them by next week, then hopefully I will remember to get them during finals. I'm still tweaking the site as I write this, so stay tuned. :)

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Testing emailing posts to Blogger

Just testing to see if Blogger would recognize the formatting of my posts that are sent via email. It keeps breaking up the paragraphs leaving me with some very ugly looking entries to read. =(

Happy Belated Turkey Day!

I hope there were less dumb-dumbs burning down their houses trying to fry turkeys inside this year. I hope you all had a good day yesterday, because I did. The family and I were going to go to the movies, but my sister mentioned going to buy bootlegs of the currently released films, so they nixed going to the theatre. Nothing can comfort me about not going to see Happy Feet. -_-;;

Much later on, me and the boyfriend played Gamecube games. I whooped him in Double Dash and he whooped me in Soul Caliber (despite the weird button setup). Then he played through the first 2 episodes of Viewtiful Joe; after these couple of years, VJ is still really cool. I'm in love with the art/graphic style. It is a good system, that Gamecube. Playing Soul Caliber made me think about the future of fighting games on the Wii. I hope there are at least a few really good ones that debut, with an arcade pad to be included with packaging.That should solve uncomfortable button setups.

I'm working on my assigned part of my Comic Book Artists Guild's first comic issue, "Key/Gate". I believe that's the official name. I don't have the photo reference for the house that's to be used for the comic yet, but I'll alert the members via our Yahoo Group asap so I can have the main character not floating on the floor playing a floating video game. O.o;;; I also need photo reference of the Fantasy Shop of St. Charles. In case you're not a St. Louisan, the FS is a specialty comic book store. We also aspire to have the shop sell some issues of our comic and set up our own online book store for selling our comics. I really hope we can continue this project without any major interruptions. It would be my first major contribution as a 3-year member of the CBAG. ^.^b


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This Wednesday is my Friday

Yup, it is. I still have to work though. -_-

This monday was Nov 20th, the Day of Rememberance, a day where we as human beings take some time out of the day, a mere moment even, to remember those who who have died being themveselves or trying to correct the lives they were unfortunately born in. The full name of the memorial day is Transgendered Day of Rememberance, but it includes everyone from the gay, lesbain, and bi communities too. Hate crimes against someone of a different race gets national media attention with immediate sympathy toward the victim's family(-ies), but a hate crime against someone who is different by means of sexual orientation or gender identity barely gets printed unless there's enough of a fight put up by the families of the victims. And if the attacks do get printed, it's a bigotted story that sympathizes with the attacker and totally disprects the victim by labelling them a freak in between the lines. It's happened in major publications before, and no one but the victims (who in reality are few but enough) ever dared to challenge the media for creating and perpetuating such a horrible misunderstanding of the transgendered.

Racism still exists, sure, but why are there no/hardly any laws protecting the transgendered folk? People who are different because they, simply put, were born as the wrong gender and trying to fix their lives so that they can be honest and happy with themselves. If a man discovers that his gender is female, he corrects the genetic mistake by transitioning into the right sex. He begins to live his life as the girl he should've been at birth (or female to male sex transistion), maybe in stealth (meaning no one knows his past life except a small circle of loved ones) or totally out and honest with everyone. Rita Hester, the victim whose death inspired others to create the "Remembering Our Dead" web project, is one such case. She was loved and befriended by straight, gay, les, bi, and trans people alike. She was a lively woman who dared to be herself and open with everyone, living without fear of others' bigotry. She was murdered for being extraordinary, and all the the press did was call her by "he" pronouns and her original male name, and they stirred up rumors about her living a some double life.

Most transgendered don't tell everyone at first, or at all. And it's totally understandable why; almost every time one's outted by choice or accident, they're attacked. Many can't even live in relative comfort because their chance of death by murder is higher than any minority group out there. It is sometimes by strangers who're homophobic and sometimes by the ones closest to them who can't cope with the transistion. No matter the reason, it's truly evil to kill someone because of the hate and ignorance brought on by such a society of hypocrites. This could happen to my gay cousin. This could happen to you if you're "different" or someone you love who happens to be different. Every fag, dyke, and sissy dick girl is loved by someone.

Please take the time to look at this site:

Read some or all of the entries on that site. Every year there are names added. For every name, there's a family out there whose lives have been torn apart by the tragedy of an often ignored hate crime. The only way to stop the killing of innocent people is to remember the ones who have lost their lives daring to be on the outside who they were on the inside.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Updated the gallery a little

It matches the site now, with a couple of new images in the Sketch gallery. They're drawings I did in my Drawing For Graphics 2 class last spring semester. They're not complete, but I like them, because I've gotten as close to the model as I could without killing them in detail. It was only an exercise in hair rendering. o.o;;

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's been a long damn time...

I haven't touched this site in a while, though I do upload various pictures and other media that I post on my LiveJournal. Hey, don't look at me like that; at least I'm not a MySpace whore. Besides, I like Bolt more; I've been there longer and am more involved trolling the masses. I have to admit, they're not that much better than MySpace now that they've created a whole new version of Bolt just to compete with MS's media submission system. And they've paid for it, because Universal has sued them for copyright infringement.

I would blame the dudes at Bolt for not moderating what's submitted, but there -is- a flag function on the site so users can report copyrighted or inappropriate material. It should keep the copyrighted works off the site, but it doesn't. So I blame all of the users who want something for nothing, whether they're doing it to get attention or doing it to share their favorite shows for public viewing. I know the site's going to eventually be plagued with even more ads than it already is, but that's the price of wanting something for nothing. If I "had it like that", I'd pay a subscription fee to not see the ads.

Alas, there are more important things than Bolt or MySpace, like getting my portfolio together and getting it online for viewing. Other than that, this site will remain a place for me to show others my hobbies and perhaps get myself hired by anyone wanting a commission done. Well, not even commissions; any energy that would go to doing freelance work is going to working with my college's Comic Book Artists Guild. We're trying to get a comic issue out by this December. Until then, you'll see quicky art and stuff done in my past classes in the gallery. =P

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Bringing back the blogger!

Redesigned my website, which may be temporary still. This is just a test to see if the page works well within the frame, and notifying all that I'm not dead. Just lazy, like other people who make the same statement.

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