Monday, March 19, 2007

LFG: Death to Butterflies

Blind Ferret Ent. has a pretty talented animation department, as well as many other people talented in other things. Let it be known that Richard is obviously the favorite out of the all the characters, good or scum in the LFG universe. I will be buying a T-shirt when I get the money. Let's call it a graduation gift. :P

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Added Gallery: Design

Read title. I've added a design gallery for the sake of all of the design work I have. They don't fit into the other categories for obvious reasons, so it was time for a gallery for the stuff that's supposed to increase my chances at getting a job. :P I haven't cleaned out my color gallery like I said I would; there's a lot of crap in there.

I added the Design gallery yesterday, but didn't get to finish completely integrating it into the rest of the site (See the Multimedia message I left earlier this morning). It was easy to add, and integrating it is a cinch. If anyone wants to use the L.E.A.P. Gallery that I use (though there are better scripts out there), please contact me. I would never charge for something so simple for people to use. I may go ahead and put it up for download one of these days. I just have to clean up and update some of the commenting inside of the scripts.

Yup! It looks like the site is coming along nicely. I've been thinking of re-designing the site again. It's cute, but it's just not the edgy design I want for my site. I like using red and black along with some gray, and I want to avoid colors that can be too bold. We'll just have to see. Maybe this time around I'll have a site menu with rollovers. I haven't done anything like that since my old site's flash-based menu.

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Multimedia message - PAAAAARTAY!

What a party. I hope i don't have the smell of smoke on my suede jacket. @.@

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

All good things must come to an least for something better to come along.

Today I left my job at Dierbergs. The pay sucked, but the coworkers were kind and usually entertaining to interact with. Can't forget the jerk customers that came through. I wouldn't have toughened up without them.

I want to get the hell out this house as soon as possible. I'm 23, and I don't have my dream job yet. I'm working on it, and getting my foot through the door seems possible now, but I just wish I had my job just a little bit longer. Even though my mom's doing extremely well for a real estate agent (rookie agent), she doesn't make enough to even match what I was getting at Dierbergs. When I used to baby sit, I'd make $100/month to do it. I can't live off of that! My mom said that she would send people my way who need web sites done for them. That hasn't happened yet. I'm not letting her trap me here. I love her, but I want my own life and way of doing things.

Ok, rant over. So like I said above before going all emo - I've been working on the site again. The Contact page has been updated; I added a contact form for those who may just be lazy enough to not want to open Outlook/Eudora/Thunderbird or open another browser window to access their webmail accounts. It's faster. It's convenient. And hopefully it won't get detected by spam bots. I wish the form mailer script came with a captcha filter added in. Good news is that it catches more than 90% of the spambots out there. Bad news is that spamming companies now hire people to pass captcha filters. Good thing I'm not so popular. :P Whilst watching my sister's children tomorrow, the new job hunt begins, and this time I'm looking for a job in my field. I will update my resume and post it here, at my college's Experience database, and other various job sites across the web. Cross your fingers for me, everybody! :D

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Friday, March 2, 2007

The next 10 weeks are going to be hell.

Not only do I have to have a 10-minute Power Point presentation of the Postmodern Graphic Style complete with 500+ word essay done by sometime during the last 2 weeks of the semester, I have to create a somewhat costly portfolio setup after Spring Break, complete with Business cards, envelopes, first sheet, second sheet, and tear sheet. I have only begun digging through all of my work in order to pull together a portfolio with at least 12-15 pieces. I say 12 to 15 because I have no idea how many pieces are needed for the companies I will be applying at. Since illustration itself was a small part of my degree (even though it focuses on illustration), I don't have as many pieces as I want. I may have to come up with some stuff to add to my portfolio for its first incarnation.

Meanwhile at my part-time job at Dierbergs, I've been getting less hours. On average, I used to get 20 hours. Now we have more people, so the hours have to be scheduled amongst more people, which means less hours for everyone. Some people already work another job besides working at Dierbergs. There was a graphic designer position open at Dierbergs, and I would have a better chance at getting the job because they like to hire from within the company. However, I don't have much to show at the moment, so I think I missed that boat.

One poster I did a few years back was nice, and I wish I could find the file. It's most likely on the backup discs I created when I wiped out my old computer. It was a good example of graphic design using raster and vector in Photoshop CS, and it kills me that I don't have a hard copy of the poster. My teacher does so hopefully she kept the file of the project too in case I can't find mine.

Well, regardless of the status of my portfolio, I do have samples of work already available on my website and more to add, so I can just direct employers to my website. Or I can re-do my PDF portfolio and email that to them instead of just my resume. That would be good at this point.

OR!!! I can go ahead and make this announcement. In case you haven't noticed, The of my site has been updated to reflect my project availability status. Please read it for details. If you're interested, please ASAP so I can get back to you as soon as possible. I'd like to get more experience, and I need the money. ^^;;

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