Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another new beginning

So Lycos.com's junk mail filters are complete failures and managed to block any emails I've received from OneDollarHost.net (if I did in fact receive any) about my web hosting service expiring. Long story short, I may have lost a lot of server-side files that I never bothered to back up onto my computer.

It's mostly the web scripts that I've been using that I didn't get to make back ups of, including some edits I've done to my image gallery CGI script (ouch). Any images or files that I've uploaded from my computer prior to the expiration are backed up on my computer still (yay). Most of my stuff is saved, but starting over is a bitch. For one, my site is completely broken. As I write this, no one but me can even see the website right now. That's right; I'm still live on the internet.

I've jumped ship from OneDollarHost.net to HostMonster.com. It was a hefty purchase of $143, but the domain transfer was free. I don't have to renew my domain until February of next year, so I'm good on that until then. Anything to keep from paying $15/year for a domain name. The domain "lexislounge.net" will be transferred to HostMonster as the winning registrar by November 18. For the meantime I changed the name servers to reflect the new hosting, so before the domain transfer is approved and done, the domain should start working again. Emphasis on "should". If not, then I guess no one will be seeing Lexi's Lounge until Nov. 18 or later.

Right now I'm using one of Blogger's older templates. It's simple, and no one has to look at icons of broken images (damn you, Red X!). I've lost a little bit of functionality, what with the updated version of the image gallery being lost and all. The new version of Lexi's Lounge is still in the works, and I'm glad I have a lot more to work with. I actually have access to a lot of cool features only the cool hosting companies shower users with, so I'm going to try to have some fun with this. As for my drawings and designs, I plan to use Lightbox 2 to handle the galleries or something flash-based. I want to start working on illustration again and actually take protecting my work more seriously. That's all for now. See you all in a few days. *waves*