Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Minushi - an online animated movie

Minushi is a feature length motion picture sci-fi fantasy action adventure full of suspense and mystery - the flash cartoon animation is reminiscent of japanese anime movies and american saturday morning television but with a unique style for all ages presented in 19 online episodes by tyler gibb of

Just as the link says. I've been watching Tyler Gibb's Minushi since its debut, and I still think it's a wonderfully done Flash-based movie. The creator even revisited the earlier "chapters" of the film in order to change or update parts of the animation. The last time I remember anyone doing a [pretty much] one-man show was a Japanese animator who created a film on his mac, and just like the creator of Minushi, he toiled over his dream feature for over 3 years. I can't remember the Japanese man's name, but his work has been distributed on DVD format in Japan and, at least from what I know, in the U.S.

Even though the method of animation used for Minushi doesn't compete with the fluid and digitally hand-drawn (with some 3D in the mix) anime feature that was created, it is still a huge deal in the Flash animation industry. What takes large animation studios to do in the same amount of time, it took one man and his small posse of associates to accomplish. Gibb took to publicly promoting his movie by releasing chapters of it on the internet via sites like, YouTube, and Revver. While Minushi has already been completed, half the movie is readily available online for viewing. Pretty generous if you ask me. Tyler Gibb is still looking for a suitable company to distribute the movie.

Whether anyone else thinks Minushi is worth buying, that's up to the beholder. As for me, I'll continue checking the site for future releases should there be anymore.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Digging up the old and shameful...

I found my old flash animations in case anyone who's never seen them can see what I was able to do when I first dabbled in Flash animation. I used the animation application called "Koolmoves", which is the inexpensive alternative to Macromedia's/Adobe's Flash. Great interface, and it was easy to learn how to do everything that can be done with the program. Ok enough plugging. Click here to view my old Flash section. There's lots of tweening, as I never did catch onto doing frame-by-frame animation. I'm pretty sure I could now, now that I'm a better drawer overall. Maybe I'll have the time to re-do some of my old stuff and continue what I started. Someday.

The animations cannot be viewed in Firefox, but they can be viewed in Internet Explorer. If you have the IE Tab plugin for Firefox, just click the browser icon in the lower right-hand corner of the browser's window. It will then switch the window/tab to an IE window/tab without you having to open IE at all. It is required that you do have Internet Explorer installed on your computer to use the IE Tab plugin for Firefox (duh!).


Monday, March 19, 2007

LFG: Death to Butterflies

Blind Ferret Ent. has a pretty talented animation department, as well as many other people talented in other things. Let it be known that Richard is obviously the favorite out of the all the characters, good or scum in the LFG universe. I will be buying a T-shirt when I get the money. Let's call it a graduation gift. :P

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