Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Las Vegas just took over your Mac

Ahh, poker. It's a game of skill, bluffs, and battling to keep your cool. It's a game that has a big payoff, and it definitely has a lot more to do with being brilliant than being lucky.

And just when you've finally started scaring your poker buddies into avoiding poker night, ya get all depressed instead of being proud of your achievement. "Well now who am I going to play poker with?", you sulk. Oh, stop your blubbering. Online card games have been around for quite some time. "But I have a Mac, not a PC!", you sob even more. I told you to stop your belly-aching. PokerStars, the hottest game for online Poker playing (not to mention playing to qualify for some of the biggest poker tourneys around) is about to hit the Mac harder than Fat Joe hitting the Vegas strip.

PokerStars has the largest poker room available than any other online poker game. There are more people to play which means more chances to win, which means more changes at world wide recognition, which means more chances to line your pockets with that popular green stuff.

PokerStars for Mac has its own site to tell you guys more. It's updated frequently, so if you want your poker fix, make sure to bookmark it. Perhaps in time you'll be showing the PC poker boys what you and your precious dual core Mac are made of. Hopefully it's cojones of steel, and then gold after all of your wins.Dancing

Mac PokerStars

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some of the "tightest" Mega Man mixes you'll ever hear

I grew up playing video games, and I still play them. Some of the coolest games around are much older than the freshest gamers in the gaming industry. This includes the almighty ORIGINAL Mega Man series of video games. If you're my age and know anything about gaming, you gotta know about playing a Mega Man game. Not all, just one or some. If you don't know Mega Man, go to GameFAQs.com, because that site is one of the best sites to look up video/computer game information.

Now moving on for those who are on the same page as me [pun not intended]. Tongue out There's this guy who has a MySpace page, and he's a rapper called Random.... WAIT! Don't go! I'm not finished yet! *huff puff* So yeah, he's a rapper, BUT, he's an underground rapper who gets much respect from both the rap and gaming communities. One of his latest albums consist of him rhyming to his own remixes of classic Mega Man background songs. Go to his MySpace page and listen to "Shadowman" and "Grow up".

"Grow up" is my favorite on his MySpace music playlist; I wish I had some funds to buy his album (yup, me's still unemployed, I'll get to that later). But I WILL purchase it. That's a promise to myself. If there is any birthday present I'll enjoy more, it would probably be playing Random's "MegaRan" album over and over and over again. That and an 8gb Meizu portable media player. I'll be hinting to the loved ones for that. Wink

P.S.: I just Googled "Mega Ran". Good LAWD! This dude's album is reviewed, blogged, and interviewed all over the place. Go, RandomBeats! Party

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Real WoW Players of Genius


This fan-made piece made me lol. I can totally relate to this, but there is one thing that pisses me off more than a guy who goes AFK while in World of Warcraft's Battlegrounds: idiots who are NOT AFK and still manage to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while running around acting like they're the best thing that hit the game since the Burning Crusade. OH MY GAWD!! *fumes*

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Next thing you know, the Ninty DS will have Open Canvas...Wait...

Colors! Is the next best thing for taking OC on the go. It is a fully functional digital painting application created as homebrew for the Nintendo DS. What's required is a flash cart, as is required for all homebrew programs. You can get a pretty good one here. This post was made possible by Kakkoii (not his real name of course), a web friend who referred me to both products. I'm going to get me a flash cart when I can afford it, and I'll play with Colors!. But this week is bill week. Bill week makes me cry. :'(

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Torrent Tracker added to site officially

I finally got off my rear to add a link to my torrent tracker. What brought it on is a new torrent uploaded to the site (with permission, of course). The newest torrent is of a freeware game called Doukutsu Monogatari, translated by Aeon Genesis Translations to what we English-speaking gamers know as Cave Story.

A wonderfully done Japanese platformer game by Studio Pixel, Cave Story is a refreshing experience that brings the classic platformer gameplay back to gamers of old and introduces new gamers to the beauty of a true 2D side scrolling adventure. Cave Story has a great story, a cast of colorful and comical characters, and the graphics, music, and effects are awesomely done to create a classic console feel. I'm not saying it can't be done, but you're not going to want to play this game with your keyboard. Cave Story's controls are simple, but the action can get fast-paced. Trust me, a PC controller is recommended; it's more fun with a controller anyway (imo).

That's my little review of the game. The torrent is actually a mirror of the Cave Story Deluxe download and is created with the permission of SkyeWelse, webmaster of the Cave Story English fan site. A special thanks to Skye for letting me be a part of spreading the awesome that is Cave Story. Go to the Torrents page to begin downloading Cave Story Deluxe for Windows.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Pokemon Online

Pokemon Online - The Fan-Created MMORPG

I really liked Pokemon when I was younger. I wasn't a hardcore fan and didn't battle others much, but the thought of Pokemon going online for worldwide adventures really brings me back to the excitement of first playing the Gameboy games. Pokemon Online (POL) is still very much in development, but it looks very good.

If it is what I think it is, it was a project started by someone on an old P.O. game site (which I still had bookmarked), but then he disappeared for some reason. Whatever that reason, at least the game is in good hands now. There isn't any catching of pokemon in the game yet, but there is a lot more features to be added to this game. You can go to the site to see what the game currently offers.

A reminder to all out there: This game is NOT being created by anyone at Nintendo. However, according to some source, Nintendo hasn't ordered a cease in desist (unlike Squeenix, the bastards. I'll never forgive you for stopping the "Chrono Trigger Resurrection Project"!) and has actually permitted the current POL team to continue creating the MMO. As long as they're not making a profit off of the game, that is. That might explain the annoying ads though, but I'm sure that's to help with the cost of the servers, which the POL team is (I believe) are paying for.

If you were ever a Pokemon fan, or if you are interested in experiencing Pokemon for the first time, make sure to try out POL. And check out the new Pokemon games being released for the DS (www.nintendo.com).

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Added another one!

Added another piece to the Color Gallery. This one is an illustration done for my Illustration 1 class; medium used is an acrylic wash over white acrylic gesso.The project was to creat an illustration for a game DVD jewel case cover. My illustration was based on GUNZ Online, a 3rd/1st person online shooter that is now being published and hosted in North America by ijji.com. I enjoyed the mayhem experienced playing that game at the time, so that was my decided game.

While she doesn't resemble my past GUNZ Online character, she (much to my happiness) resembles the model used for my photo reference. The girl actually has large eyes, and her lashes were very long. I didn't get the lashes into my character's facial features, but I like the eyes. The model got to see my illustration and was very pleased, exclaiming "Wow! That's me!". Even my teacher, who isn't one for the anime style, liked my illustration. With a bit more contrast, this could've been a much better piece.

You can't see it, but she also has a sword strapped to her waist. In GUNZ Online, a player can use both swords and guns. I didn't manage to get the entire picture in, because I was using a 2 megapixel Kodak camera for "scanning" it into my computer. Aaah, the things I improvise with, eh? On that note, I'm out of here. I'm on my way to my sister's and then to the movies to see Grindhouse. Seriously, that movie looks like fun. :D

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Any dRO players out there?

I made a guild in Dragnarok, a free RO server. It's called Genesis of Next, so if anyone out there plays dRO and wants to join should visit here. I made a site for it, so hopefully it will attract some interesting players. Click here to visit Genesis of Next.

As for site news, I will be revamping the site, hopefully soon. I'm still looking for ideas as to a theme for it. I also hope to install a new forum; Ikonboard looks to be the most likely candidate. Maybe I can hack it to incorporate my Paint BBS board or just the java applets. :3 I'll have to take a look at the code for the Paint BBS to see how it works.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

My Ragnarok Online Character.

I started playing RO again a few days ago. New account and everything. My ID's Beatrix_Kido (for those who saw Kill Bill vol. 2). My char's name is also Beatrix Kiddo, on Chaos and Loki servers. I'm trying to hurry up and get to Assassin class before the trial period's over. My friend Zero said he would spot me for a month. After then, I should be able to pay for myself. Anyways, I took a screenshot of my character (click pic for larger view):