Saturday, August 30, 2008

WLW Cross-Post Plug-in Fixed!

For a while I was looking around for a better solution than my Blogger to LJ workaround to cross-post my entries here to my LiveJournal blog.  What I found was this for Windows Live Writer:

Technically, cross-posting is already possible with Windows Live Writer.  All you have to do is just switch blogs, and your blog entry will still be open for editing. Easy right? Yes! Is it really effective cross-posting?  Not quite. :(  That's where Kzu's WLW Cross-Post plug-in comes in.  You install the plug-in, set the target blog to your secondary blog, enable or disable post summary, and enable/disable previewing the post in the secondary blog. If you choose to preview your post on your secondary blog, you'll notice that your main blog has been linked to at the top of the post. Keen!

However, there are some things wrong with this.  For one, you can't cross-post to more than one blog. It won't bother me, but it can be a big deal with bloggers who have blogs for their jobs, families, and hobbies. Secondly, not everyone wants the link to their main blog to show up at the top; maybe the blog author wants the link at the bottom.  And there's no way to customize the wording of the link from the plug-in's options.  Not a big deal, as it can be moved and the wording changed (make sure preview is enabled). Lastly, it can't publish the blogs at the same time. You must publish the main blog first, and then use the "insert cross-post" function.  So all-in-all, this plug-in is for the purpose of grabbing the main blog post's permalink and auto-pasting it into the secondary blog's post.  A little less work to do when using Windows Live Writer for posting to multiple blogs.

The biggest problem many WLW users have had with the plug-in is the inability to install it properly!  This plug-in as been uploaded as is for the masses to use, but WLW is unable to load it.  In this Windows Live Gallery entry, a reviewer of the plug-in explains how he managed to get WLW Cross-Post to load into Writer.  An excellent post, but no one's ever thought of uploading a working version of the plug-in for those who don't have Visual Studio installed on their computers (though you can install VS 2008 Express for free).  Or at least I couldn't find a working version of it.  Srch skillz: I dun haz dem. =(

I decided to share my compiled version of the plug-in.  I didn't change or add anything to the plug-in, so support questions should still go to the author of WLW Cross-Post.  You  can download the WLW Cross-Post plug-in from here or here.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

So far, it's good

I've been on the job for about a month now. Things can get pretty busy around here, and because of it, I had to find a good pace I could work at. Not only do I do web design, I do design-related support over the phone. Sometimes it's not design, but more software/account/internet-related.

One lady thought something was wrong with her web site no updating when it was really her browser loading a previously saved version of her site. She told me that telling her these things is what we get paid for...No, it's not, but it doesn't take much time to tell someone to ctrl+F5 when trying to reload their website in a browser. It is not my job to tell someone how to use the internet.

I have a rant, but I want to save it for when I can better word it (as if, lol). It will be called "The Do's/Don'ts at Network Solutions". Even though the most important stuff is described at Network Solutions already, some people either skim through it or have more questions about specifics that aren't explained on the site. As I am new here at Network Solutions I don't know much, so I'll be updating that Do/Don't list as time goes on.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Publish your Blogger blog to Livejournal (Part 2)

Testing the Blogger-to-Livejournal cross-posting technique I posted about previously. It should work. If you have a mailing list and it uses Blogger's BlogSend Address setting, you may just have to cross-post to your LJ blog the long way. The method I found out is supposed to be a "set it and forget it" method. Here's to hoping, eh?

EDIT: It works! Blogger2LJ cross-posting is a success.

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Publish your Blogger blog to Livejournal

I've wanted a way to post this blog's entries in it's own separate LJ blog, not my personal LJ, because it can increase readership. I don't have many LJ friends, but if I did, then I would like to accommodate their desire to not have to leave their LJ comfort zone to view what's going on in my life.

I pay for this site, so it would make sense to make use of it. That and I like using Blogger more than LJ. Atom and RSS feeds are available here for anyone to subscribe, but there's no way to add a feed reader to a LJ account. I've read that it's prohibited to use embedding tags and javascript in one's layout. If I wanted to broadcast my RSS feed to my LJ account, I'd have to upgrade to "Paid" status. Not that it's needed. All you need is a LJ Plus account the current email address you use for your Blogger account.

Since this is about appeasing your LJ friends, I assume you already have a LJ account. If you don't have one, make an account and make sure that it's a "Plus" account. LJ members with basic accounts can't email entries to their blogs via email.

1) Go to the "Mobile Post" settings page of your LJ, and under "Allowed sender addresses", add the email address you associate with your Blogger account (it's in your "permission" settings if you've forgotten).

2) Under "PIN", create a pin number that is NOTHING like any password or PIN you've ever created. You don't want people guessing your LJ password based on your PIN number. If they do, they will gain control of your blog. Jot down the PIN just in case you forget it.

3) Change any of the Default settings to your liking. click "Save Settings". Now your Mobile settings are complete. Your LJ email address will look something like this: "", substituting "username" for your own LJ name of course.

4) Now remember the PIN you've created? You need this in order to post to your LJ blog via email. To do this, you'll need to either put the PIN in your email's subject, body, or in your LJ email address like this: (the "+" sign is needed). I don't suggest using the PIN inside of the subject or body.

NOTE: The subject and body of the email are the same as the subject and body of your Blogger blog post. If you put the PIN in either the subject of body of your blog post, the PIN will show up for the public to see in your Blogger blog, and that's not what you want. Use your LJ PIN inside your LJ email address for better security.

5) Copy your LJ email address (including the PIN). Go to your Blogger blog's "Email" settings. In the BlogSend Address box, paste the LJ email address. Save your settings.

6) Make a test blog post to your Blogger blog and publish it.

If it turns up at your LJ blog, then congratulations! You've successfully bypassed the need to pay Livejournal for web site feed broadcasting. All of your LJ friends can see what you're up to whether you post at Livejournal or at your Blogger blog. If it doesn't show up at Livejournal, then check your settings to make sure everything is right.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things are looking up

I won the Self-Study Cover Design Contest held by St. Louis Community College. Yay! Peace Sign Now I'm just hovering around my mailbox for the nice $250 check I should be receiving soon. I'll also be posting my concept design here. Too bad the colors will be changing to complement other recent printed material being sent out by the college. The package being sent out has some nice rich colors, so I'll be looking forward to the changes my design will be going through for the final production.

A friend of mine sent me an email containing a freelance opportunity here in the city. It's a web design job, and according to the email, they may or may not be looking for the designer to do any real coding. I'm pretty good with HTML/XHTML, and I've been researching CSS more extensively nowadays, but I can't do a lick of javascript. Crying The lack of coding may be a relief, but we'll see. There weren't many details in the email, but I should know for sure once I email the person in charge of hiring at the agency.

Speaking of coding, it's time that I learn Javascript. It's been a standard language to create many useful tools in not only web sites but weblogs. Bloggers use javascript to hack their blog's layouts in order to create a more individual look and add better funcionality to their blogs. And I'm not talking about adding some cutesy analog clock to your site; I'm talking adding a fully functioning calendar hack that links to all of your blogs current and past entries. I've picked up a javascript book from the library. It's pretty big, and I may not get through all of it. I plan to find better working examples on the web that will help when I can't understand something in the book.

I've been looking at CSS more and more lately. I want to improve on the little bit of what I already know. I'm going to challenge myself by implementing a CSS-styled no-tables layout in my next site revamp. It intimidates me a bit. I love having very graphical web design, and I didn't mind using tables to create image borders for my content. But if there's a better way of presenting my site without all the nested html, then I'm all for it. As simple as my current layout is, it's all a bunch of manhandled mess. That and it's beginning to load slower, and that's a no-no. It's time that I catch up with everyone else who's been doing web design for as long as I have. Frankly I don't want to remain ignorant when there's so much to learn, so it's time I change my attitude and habits.

I also want to use Flash again for my web site. My copy of Koolmoves has been sitting idle for far too long. I've just now started using it to create a digital portfolio I can present to prospective employers. It feels good to play with Koolmoves again. Now there's a slide show tool that I'm using to create separate slides for my work (design, photography, etc.). The portfolio flash site itself will be simple, because I plan on turning the swf file into a projector file that I can email to employers as a demo reel so they can save it locally. it's also been time that I separate my opinions from my work.

Before I go, I want to share a site that provides free hosting of MySQL databases. is totally free, and the admins don't restrict your use as long as it doesn't violate anyone's rights or break laws. You can give them donations to help keep the service free. There are sites that offer free PHP and MySQL hosting, but if you've met your database quota (should there be one), then is a good place to host the rest of your databases.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogvertise paid me!

Not only did I finally get paid for my opportunity on Blogvertise, I got two more payments from PayPerPost.

<-- Click for larger size.
Image hosted at Shareapic.

Altogether my paid to blog payouts total out to $39.50. Not bad for some extra money. It certainly does help when you're between jobs, looking to get back into college, and need gas in your car. Oh yeah, and paying off that credit card bill too. Crying

Blogging for cash isn't hard, but it's not something that everyone can make a living off of or get rich from. I'm certainly not making enough to make it out of my mom's house, and no one will ever become wealthy doing this. Nonetheless, this is something that everyone can do. It's good for companies, individuals, and the bloggers who are willing and able to blog about them.

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Alright...Who sprayed the Bolt-B-Gone?!

Looks like I came to the party a whole day late. Yesterday, the once much loved, much fun community named Bolt, has ceased to be. Affective as of Aug. 14th of 2007, Bolt, Inc. and Friends filed for bankruptcy. I don't know if I should laugh, shed a tear, or play the world's smallest violin.

Perhaps I'll do all of those things. First of all, fuck you, Bolt, Inc. You just had to try to "keep up" with the competing social networks, but instead made Bolt into something far less desired: Yet Another Myspace Clone. While every Bolt veteran appreciated that the original community was not dumped completely for the sake of the Boltfolio mash up, it remained a stain in the minds of all of us who loved Bolt for what it was. Change is only good when there is a need for it.

An addition of a video channel and music channel for aspiring film makers and musical artists was a lovely idea, but if it was integrated into the existing Bolt [pre-Pornfolio/IP Theft-Gate], there wouldn't have been such a backlash coming from the community that you pissed on. Yes, you said "Fuck you guys, we like money more." to us, and went after MySpace when you clearly didn't have to. In my opinion, MySpace clearly did not surpass the greatness that was Bolt 1. It already had craploads of content that MySpace doesn't even have YET, and the community was far more involved.

Sure, I joined the new community site, thinking it was something that would co-exist with Original. Luckily other Bolt members saw the end coming and chewed out Bolt Inc. for it. Others followed, others were noobs, but the day did come. The day Bolt Inc. closed the original Bolt site (along with its other sister communities) was the day that Bolt died for thousands of loyal members. So at that point, I did shed a tear. Bolt was my first and favorite social network, and it was the coolest one I have ever gotten the chance to be a part of.

Now I laugh at the social network companies that made the dumbest moves possible. Going all Web 2.0 wasn't very profitable for you guys. I can sympathize with that. 2.0 is the way to go, but making a social network a Swiss Army knife of sorts isn't exactly my idea of making a web site great. Afterall, being greedy is what got you, Bolt Inc., into trouble in the first place. You did not take responsibility for the actions of the idiot users who exploited Boltfolio, causing you to sell out in the end, and yet getting almost bought out by GoFish (wow, even GF didn't want you) still didn't help you with your money woes. And so I play the world's small air violin for you.

I'm now using MySpace (*sigh*) to network and keep up with a few family members of mine. I'm a new member at Yuwie, which is a newer community that should prove popular and profitable to both the creators and users. I never really did like MySpace, so Yuwie may turn out to be much more fun. Heck I might even give Facebook a try due to PayPerPost linking opportunities there. So goodbye, Bolt. Who knows if you'll ever come back. Just know that no one will be holding the door open for you when or if you do.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Las Vegas just took over your Mac

Ahh, poker. It's a game of skill, bluffs, and battling to keep your cool. It's a game that has a big payoff, and it definitely has a lot more to do with being brilliant than being lucky.

And just when you've finally started scaring your poker buddies into avoiding poker night, ya get all depressed instead of being proud of your achievement. "Well now who am I going to play poker with?", you sulk. Oh, stop your blubbering. Online card games have been around for quite some time. "But I have a Mac, not a PC!", you sob even more. I told you to stop your belly-aching. PokerStars, the hottest game for online Poker playing (not to mention playing to qualify for some of the biggest poker tourneys around) is about to hit the Mac harder than Fat Joe hitting the Vegas strip.

PokerStars has the largest poker room available than any other online poker game. There are more people to play which means more chances to win, which means more changes at world wide recognition, which means more chances to line your pockets with that popular green stuff.

PokerStars for Mac has its own site to tell you guys more. It's updated frequently, so if you want your poker fix, make sure to bookmark it. Perhaps in time you'll be showing the PC poker boys what you and your precious dual core Mac are made of. Hopefully it's cojones of steel, and then gold after all of your wins.Dancing

Mac PokerStars

This is a Sponsored Post.

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I need your praise! (and possibly your rejection --;;) is a web site for people to submit photos that they take and get recognition for it. The staff there hold monthly contest, and my photo was picked to be a finalist in one of them. Yay. I'm waiting to hear on the progress; the contest I'm in is supposed to announce the winners this summer. While that's going on, the staff has added another aspect to their site: visitors can rate other people's photos. I got the link to my photos rating page the other day, but I'm posting it now (because I didn't check my email until today o.o;;).

Click here to vote at

Click that link and rate my photo using the vote thingy above the photo. You can rate it good, mediocre, or just bad. Just please be honest with how you feel about it.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

ReviewMe paid me! :D

Looks like I missed a payment. I thought I read that ReviewMe had a minimum amount of $25 before payout. I'm wrong apparently, as I've been paid by the company yesterday.

<--Click here for full size.
Screenshot is hosted by Shareapic.

According to ReviewMe's FAQ page, payments are done monthly, and there's no indication of a minimum amount. I suppose the minimum amount may be for the check payment method. It doesn't look like it though. I recommend ReviewMe to people who aren't able to use PayPal. If you would like to get your web site reviewed at ReviewMe, click here to sign up.

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First payment from Opinion Outpost

Have you ever thought about how annoying those old hags and meddling college students would be when they walked around trying to get people to participate in their surveys? Well, now it's not so annoying. Nowadays people can get cash for doing paid surveys. It's usually quick, easy, and done at any time of the day. When you want to do it. That's how it is with a paid survey site like Opinion Outpost.

In my first couple of days there I made $5.50. I'm an impatient wench; I decided to withdraw my $5.50 since the minimum payout is $5. I just received my check today.

<--Click for larger size
Screenshot hosted by Shareapic.

It's awesome to get cash for REAL surveys, not email submissions that merely offer you deals on stuff at other people's web sites and stores. I don't mind completing email submissions; money is money. That and that's what junk email accounts are for. :P But with email submissions, you get at the most $1.00 per submission. Yay. Sure it all adds up, but Opinion Outpost provides authentic marketing surveys that help with product and service analysis. It pays much more than doing email submission surveys.

Even though Opinion Outpost's payout is only $5, I'm going to try my best to just let the money build up in my account and then withdraw it. I want to see a nice fat check instead of a $5 check. Who knows. The money all adds up in the end anyway, regardless of where it sits. Thumbs-up 

That all said, if you don't mind getting paid to complete surveys, Opinion Outpost is a good program to sign up for. And no, I'm not getting paid by O.O. to blog this. I'm not a member of their affiliate program....yet. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Winking

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Woot Off just started 30 minutes ago!

Have at it people! Go! NOW! If I wasn't buying copies of Endless Journeys, I would've participated. T_T

Click here to keep tabs on the Woot Off without refreshing the site a million times today.

If you aren't familiar with Woot, just go to their web site and check it out. You won't be disappointed with all the deals you can find there.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A better use of your text messaging

I'm such a gadget geek. I got my Nokia 6620 just so I can play a MMORPG on my cell phone, surf the web, play mp3s and stream internet radio, and text people like mad. But with such a use, you need a data plan, which I promptly paid for. Unfortunately under the current circumstances, I can't afford to play with my phone anymore. So I got rid of my $20 per month feature. It had unlimited internet usage, but only 200 text messages. Yeah, it sucks to be broke. It's not that text messaging is expensive, but over a period of sending and receiving it can be. But alas, it's cheaper for me to have no data plan than to have a plan with unlimited anything. I can't even afford to get my Xbox 360 now. Or so I thought. is a  web site where you use your cell phone to win cool prizes and be entered into the daily sweepstakes. The way to play is to bid the lowest, and you use to phone to find out if you're the lowest bidder. You can play using the web site or straight from your cell phone (this feature is premium member-only). There is proof of someone even winning a 2007 Scion car. Seriously, how cool is that? This site reminds me of the bid wars that occur on eBay. The majority of the best bids come when there's the least amount of time left. I have to admit there is a rush that occurs when duking it out with others for the best bid. Fortunately, this isn't anything like eBay, as you don't have to pay a cent for any of your winnings. :)

The web site has a bunch of cool free gifts and a cash prize, but you can only bid so many times each day. This is a good thing, if you're like me (with no data plan whatsoever for my cell phone), you'll want to keep text messages to a minimum. The average cost of text messaging is $.10 per message, whether sent or received. To get unlimited text messaging shouldn't be expensive at all, but if you're trying to keep the costs down, I suggest you get clever with the way you bid. After all, only the lowest and most unique bids win prizes. 

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Good times ahead!

I finally got a company to respond to me. Cepia LLC. of Clayton, Missouri called me up for an interview, and I went there that very day. I was so nervous, and me traveling in a car with no air conditioning (it does have it, but it will make the car stall) didn't help keep me cool either. I made sure to have as much in my portfolio as possible, scrap notes and sketches included.

As far as the interview went, I was REALLY early. I made sure to leave early enough in case traffic was murder, but I got there pretty much 30 minutes before my scheduled time. I think that's a good thing. I always did that with previous interviews. When I finally got to sit down with the recruiters, I feel like I fumbled through my portfolio a bit. Despite my nervous wordiness, they liked a number of my pieces, especially my paintings. I felt the portfolio review of the interview went well, all things considered. Then I went on a tour of their main office. It's really nice. They mostly do toy design, but before that they did lawn care products. They now handle a wide range of product lines, and everyone there helps with a wide range of assignments, from design to modeling for package design, to human resources.

I REALLY want to work for Cepia, and it's not just because I'm desperate for work. I love all of what they offer, and I like that they provide guidance and a friendly environment for the employees. They seem really close to each other, but still professional enough to make sure everyone's doing their best. I want that, and I really hope I get the job.

I haven't stopped looking for work. I've been applying for any job I feel I'm qualified for. St. Louis Community College is now offering a graphic design job. Ironically, this 2-year college institution is looking for an applicant with a 4-year degree. I'm going to apply anyway; surely my recent college would be happy enough to employ one of their own recent graduates. Harrah's Casino is still posting that they need a graphic designer. I've applied twice for that job, and still no response. I've planned to continue bugging them with constant applications until I receive an answer from them. I feel it's unprofessional and very rude that I do not get any response from an employer. At least let me know if I'm not what your company is looking for.

Enough about my job search. I have even cooler news. has photo contests going on, with an annual competition with a grand prize of $10,000. Pretty sweet, huh? Well, my photo, which I have dubbed "Focused on The Fountain" has been entered into the Open Amateur Photography Contest for this summer, and I've been chosen as a semi-finalist for this competition. Not only that, but my photo will be published in the upcoming anthology currently named "Endless Journeys". I feel this is a great honor, so I plan to get 2 copies of the book, for myself and one for my family. It feels like a hefty cost, but if I want to be recognized, I have to pay to have my artist profile in the book. And since I'm going to pay for people to read about me, I'm going to buy the book so I can read about me too. :)

More good news: I've been approved for Smorty and Blogvertise, paid-to-blog sites similar to PayPerPost. While PayPerPost actually gets opportunities in everyday, the availability of the opps depend on how popular your blog is and how fast you are at accepting available opportunities. The popularity thing is a HUGE turnoff, but it seems to be a big payoff. The wait to be paid for approved blog posts also depends on the opportunity.

Smorty is a great way to get paid for blogging, and has a week wait on being paid for blog posts. After accepting an opportunity, the wait for your post to be approved or rejected is two days. Once your blog post is approved, you must wait five more days to be paid. Thus, you can get paid every week for each successful sponsored blog post you make. Unlike PayPerPost, you get email notifications when opportunities are available (I had to search the PPP site to even find the RSS feed). You have to log into your account as soon as you see the opp or else you might miss out on it. The opp availability is not based on popularity like PPP, which I like. With the number of companies looking to advertise on blogs, the number of opportunities increase. Very important: make sure your current sponsored blog posts can be seen from your blog's homepage. If they cannot be seen or not somehow linked on your homepage, your posts will be rejected. I don't believe the posts have to be permanently linked on your homepage, but please keep this rule in mind when you submit your blog posts for review.

get paid to blog

Blogvertise has a 30-day wait after blog post approval. Like Smorty, you get email notifications on new opps, and they are not based on popularity. However, if you choose to neither accept or reject an opportunity, it will go to someone else, and the less opps you will receive in the future. If you're not a very active blogger, accept at least one opp to make sure the Blogvertise team doesn't deem your account inactive.

Regardless of what paid-to-blog program you stick with, don't make consecutive sponsored blog posts. The program's moderators will assume your blog is a blog made strictly to get paid from, which they frown upon. So to avoid getting rejected in the future, keep your blog fresh and full of multiple topics. Also it is recommended that you have a blog that is hosted at your own domain. Most opportunities will not accept blog posts from MySpace, Blog*Spot, Vox, or Wordpress blogs. For instance, Smorty will not approve of blogs unless they have their own domain (i.e., There are other excluded domains, so find a place that has reasonable hosting for your blog.

This is a sponsored post.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Real WoW Players of Genius


This fan-made piece made me lol. I can totally relate to this, but there is one thing that pisses me off more than a guy who goes AFK while in World of Warcraft's Battlegrounds: idiots who are NOT AFK and still manage to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while running around acting like they're the best thing that hit the game since the Burning Crusade. OH MY GAWD!! *fumes*

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Get paid to blog with Blogvertise

I just signed up to another paid-to-blog service.

Blogger Ads

Blogvertise differs from others. For one, there is no Marketplace for members to nab the most coveted advertising opportunities. Based upon the content of your blog, Blogvertise will email you opps that you can either accept or reject. The biggest plus of all is that you, a Blogvertise member, will have your blog entries reviewed after 5 days and not a week or two, and Blogvertise pays out weekly. You don't have to wait 2 weeks to a month just to get paid. This is an awesome web site, and I hope that I can get many opportunities to make money by doing something I really enjoy.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Make some extra income at home!

I've been using some sites to take a bit of money on the site. These aren't get-rich-quick, but they do pay out. Click "Read more!" below to view a few of my favorite money-earning programs.


Myster e-Mail is a program that pays out randomly with no minimum amount to have in your account. There aren't any points to gain, but the money you're getting is for clicking ads, reading emails, and going paid searches. You can either wait until you get your money via Paypal or E-Gold, or you can use the money to advertise your site.

CashCrate is great for those who live in the United States like me. All I'm doing are the surveys. You don't need to do the free offers or trials to make money here (though there are some nice offers to consider). The easiest payout is doing surveys, and the minimum payout at Cashcrate is $10. You can definitely make more than $10 immediately after signing up for CC. 

Free Money at FusionCash!

FusionCash is the same as CashCrate. You get paid to sign up for offers and trials, and do surveys all for the love of extra income. I'm almost to payout which is $25. With FusionCash, you can withdraw your earnings via Paypal, check, even direct deposit.

CashDuck is the same as both FusionCash and CashCrate with money-earning methods. However CashDuck provides numerous ways of getting paid: gift cards, gift certificates, a test check, regular check, and Paypal. Effective as of June 11 of this year, the only way members can cash out with Paypal is to first cash out via snail mail methods, like a check or gift card. This is to prevent fraud, and Kira, the site admin, is very serious about stopping fraud. Trust me, it works out for everyone this way. As soon as you receive your first snail-mail payment, go ahead and cash out with Paypal. CashDuck's Paypal method requires no minimum payout. That's pretty sweet, and very unlike CashCrate and FusionCash.

Clix Sense is a good program. You get paid to view ads for 30 seconds, with each ad paying at least 1 cent. It's beneficial to upgrade to the premium account so that you can see more ads, thus earn more money. The minimum payout is $10. You can either cash out or use your funds for advertising your own sites and programs. If you are looking to get paid via internet methods like Paypal or E-Gold, don't hold your breath. Clix Sense is check only in order to combat abusers who would create multiple accounts to receive electronic payment. I personally don't mind receiving a check, because when it all comes down to it, it all spends. :)

LinkGrand is a really good one. The minimum payout is $5, and you cash out via Paypal. This program is like Myster e-Mail; you click and view ads for 15 seconds to earn cash. There are plenty of ads to view everyday, so keep this site open in your browser. is another Paid-To-Click site. View ads that are worth $.01 each for 30 seconds. Just like all of the sites I'm mentioning, it would benefit to build your downline in these programs. The more friends you bring along for the ride, the more money you make. With AdBuddy, you get 100% of what your referrals are making. The minimum here is $10 and is Paypal only. Beware: if you have a premium/business account with Paypal, they'll take a small chunk of your payout for a processing fee. 

Agloco is one of the easiest ways people can make money on the internet. Just sign up, download, install, and run the viewbar, and start surfing like you usually do. You don't have to click the ads to earn money, just view your favorite websites or search using Google or whatever search engine you favor. You can either earn shares or cash with your activity. The maximum amount of hours you can get paid for is 5 hours per month. Don't stop using the viewbar even if you get to the max hours, because you surfing with viewbar running actually benefits the program long after.


Take The Internet Back is much different than most PTC programs. All you have to do is read emails and confirm that you've read them. That's it. It also benefits members who refer other people to sign up, because the only way you can get paid is if you've referred at least 2 other people to the program. The minimum payout is $20, which can be easily reached. Just have some friends sign up under you, and you'll be getting paid.

Online Earnings is just like Myster E-Mails too. Just click ads and view them for about 15 seconds. The e-mails you get from Online Earnings are worth more than the ones on the web site, but click and view every ad you can. There is no minimum payout, and members get paid ever 15 days. It pays to read the many emails everyday and check the web site for ads. The traffic exchange is great! With just 10 cents, you can have about 300 visits to your own web sites and downline programs. Advertising that way is very cheap, but you don't have to use your cash to earn site traffic. There is a point system used to earn visits in the traffic exchange.


The web sites above (except for FusionCash and CashDuck) can be found at Marketing Pond. Marketing Pond is a system that members use to gain referrals for a number of earning programs listed. You can advertise your Marketing Pond referral site alone, and you should be getting plenty of sign ups. As with all downline programs, getting referrals will be slow at first, but if you put work into advertising you'll get visits to your sites that are listed in Marketing Pond and even get sign ups. You can use the programs that are listed to earn money and advertise at the same time, so it will pay off to sign up to all of the programs that are offered through Marketing Pond. You don't have to use all of the sites at the same time, just concentrate some and move on to others when you feel like it. If you want your programs to get equal exposure, Marketing Pond is a great way to do it!

That's all for now. There are notes I'd like to add before I go on with my review of the Michael Bay-directed movie "Transformers":

FusionCash, CashDuck, and CashCrate are all U.S. only programs. Every other program is international. All programs are offered to one person per household unless stated otherwise. Having multiple accounts with different names on them won't fool the programs' administrators, so don't be foolish.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

IBackup: Second to none while offering drag-and-drop simplicity

There are a lot of places on the web that offer storage space for all kinds of files. Maybe you went a little bat crazy converting your favorite vinyl albums to digital. Maybe you're a small businessman who has a lot of records to transfer to another computer but can't because your removable storage just doesn't have enough space. Maybe you have a huge collection of family photos that need saving, but the files are large in order to keep the pictures high in quality. In all of the above cases, sometimes your own local hard drive storage is not enough.You need web storage that's reliable, high in performance, and above all else affordable. IBackup has the perfect solution, its Online Storage system.

IBackup's online storage comes with exclusive access to either a web browser-based and desktop-based drag-and-drop file transfer protocol client. Both are made to be easy for anyone who's beginner to intermediate concerning using FTP for web storage. Just like Window's Explorer program, all you have to do is drag your file to your IBackup drive, mapped onto your computer as a network drive, and just drop it in the drive. With fast and secure access, you can access your IBackup account for storing files from anywhere. This service cannot be beaten by other competitors due to the high quality in service and affordable plans offered. If you need more file space, then please consider IBackup. It makes online file storage simple and convenient for everyone no matter the situation.

Online Storage

This is a sponsored post.

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