Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some of the "tightest" Mega Man mixes you'll ever hear

I grew up playing video games, and I still play them. Some of the coolest games around are much older than the freshest gamers in the gaming industry. This includes the almighty ORIGINAL Mega Man series of video games. If you're my age and know anything about gaming, you gotta know about playing a Mega Man game. Not all, just one or some. If you don't know Mega Man, go to GameFAQs.com, because that site is one of the best sites to look up video/computer game information.

Now moving on for those who are on the same page as me [pun not intended]. Tongue out There's this guy who has a MySpace page, and he's a rapper called Random.... WAIT! Don't go! I'm not finished yet! *huff puff* So yeah, he's a rapper, BUT, he's an underground rapper who gets much respect from both the rap and gaming communities. One of his latest albums consist of him rhyming to his own remixes of classic Mega Man background songs. Go to his MySpace page and listen to "Shadowman" and "Grow up".

"Grow up" is my favorite on his MySpace music playlist; I wish I had some funds to buy his album (yup, me's still unemployed, I'll get to that later). But I WILL purchase it. That's a promise to myself. If there is any birthday present I'll enjoy more, it would probably be playing Random's "MegaRan" album over and over and over again. That and an 8gb Meizu portable media player. I'll be hinting to the loved ones for that. Wink

P.S.: I just Googled "Mega Ran". Good LAWD! This dude's album is reviewed, blogged, and interviewed all over the place. Go, RandomBeats! Party

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