Monday, September 10, 2007

Publish your Blogger blog to Livejournal (Part 2)

Testing the Blogger-to-Livejournal cross-posting technique I posted about previously. It should work. If you have a mailing list and it uses Blogger's BlogSend Address setting, you may just have to cross-post to your LJ blog the long way. The method I found out is supposed to be a "set it and forget it" method. Here's to hoping, eh?

EDIT: It works! Blogger2LJ cross-posting is a success.

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Publish your Blogger blog to Livejournal

I've wanted a way to post this blog's entries in it's own separate LJ blog, not my personal LJ, because it can increase readership. I don't have many LJ friends, but if I did, then I would like to accommodate their desire to not have to leave their LJ comfort zone to view what's going on in my life.

I pay for this site, so it would make sense to make use of it. That and I like using Blogger more than LJ. Atom and RSS feeds are available here for anyone to subscribe, but there's no way to add a feed reader to a LJ account. I've read that it's prohibited to use embedding tags and javascript in one's layout. If I wanted to broadcast my RSS feed to my LJ account, I'd have to upgrade to "Paid" status. Not that it's needed. All you need is a LJ Plus account the current email address you use for your Blogger account.

Since this is about appeasing your LJ friends, I assume you already have a LJ account. If you don't have one, make an account and make sure that it's a "Plus" account. LJ members with basic accounts can't email entries to their blogs via email.

1) Go to the "Mobile Post" settings page of your LJ, and under "Allowed sender addresses", add the email address you associate with your Blogger account (it's in your "permission" settings if you've forgotten).

2) Under "PIN", create a pin number that is NOTHING like any password or PIN you've ever created. You don't want people guessing your LJ password based on your PIN number. If they do, they will gain control of your blog. Jot down the PIN just in case you forget it.

3) Change any of the Default settings to your liking. click "Save Settings". Now your Mobile settings are complete. Your LJ email address will look something like this: "", substituting "username" for your own LJ name of course.

4) Now remember the PIN you've created? You need this in order to post to your LJ blog via email. To do this, you'll need to either put the PIN in your email's subject, body, or in your LJ email address like this: (the "+" sign is needed). I don't suggest using the PIN inside of the subject or body.

NOTE: The subject and body of the email are the same as the subject and body of your Blogger blog post. If you put the PIN in either the subject of body of your blog post, the PIN will show up for the public to see in your Blogger blog, and that's not what you want. Use your LJ PIN inside your LJ email address for better security.

5) Copy your LJ email address (including the PIN). Go to your Blogger blog's "Email" settings. In the BlogSend Address box, paste the LJ email address. Save your settings.

6) Make a test blog post to your Blogger blog and publish it.

If it turns up at your LJ blog, then congratulations! You've successfully bypassed the need to pay Livejournal for web site feed broadcasting. All of your LJ friends can see what you're up to whether you post at Livejournal or at your Blogger blog. If it doesn't show up at Livejournal, then check your settings to make sure everything is right.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alright...Who sprayed the Bolt-B-Gone?!

Looks like I came to the party a whole day late. Yesterday, the once much loved, much fun community named Bolt, has ceased to be. Affective as of Aug. 14th of 2007, Bolt, Inc. and Friends filed for bankruptcy. I don't know if I should laugh, shed a tear, or play the world's smallest violin.

Perhaps I'll do all of those things. First of all, fuck you, Bolt, Inc. You just had to try to "keep up" with the competing social networks, but instead made Bolt into something far less desired: Yet Another Myspace Clone. While every Bolt veteran appreciated that the original community was not dumped completely for the sake of the Boltfolio mash up, it remained a stain in the minds of all of us who loved Bolt for what it was. Change is only good when there is a need for it.

An addition of a video channel and music channel for aspiring film makers and musical artists was a lovely idea, but if it was integrated into the existing Bolt [pre-Pornfolio/IP Theft-Gate], there wouldn't have been such a backlash coming from the community that you pissed on. Yes, you said "Fuck you guys, we like money more." to us, and went after MySpace when you clearly didn't have to. In my opinion, MySpace clearly did not surpass the greatness that was Bolt 1. It already had craploads of content that MySpace doesn't even have YET, and the community was far more involved.

Sure, I joined the new community site, thinking it was something that would co-exist with Original. Luckily other Bolt members saw the end coming and chewed out Bolt Inc. for it. Others followed, others were noobs, but the day did come. The day Bolt Inc. closed the original Bolt site (along with its other sister communities) was the day that Bolt died for thousands of loyal members. So at that point, I did shed a tear. Bolt was my first and favorite social network, and it was the coolest one I have ever gotten the chance to be a part of.

Now I laugh at the social network companies that made the dumbest moves possible. Going all Web 2.0 wasn't very profitable for you guys. I can sympathize with that. 2.0 is the way to go, but making a social network a Swiss Army knife of sorts isn't exactly my idea of making a web site great. Afterall, being greedy is what got you, Bolt Inc., into trouble in the first place. You did not take responsibility for the actions of the idiot users who exploited Boltfolio, causing you to sell out in the end, and yet getting almost bought out by GoFish (wow, even GF didn't want you) still didn't help you with your money woes. And so I play the world's small air violin for you.

I'm now using MySpace (*sigh*) to network and keep up with a few family members of mine. I'm a new member at Yuwie, which is a newer community that should prove popular and profitable to both the creators and users. I never really did like MySpace, so Yuwie may turn out to be much more fun. Heck I might even give Facebook a try due to PayPerPost linking opportunities there. So goodbye, Bolt. Who knows if you'll ever come back. Just know that no one will be holding the door open for you when or if you do.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Save some green while being green

Over a year ago, I was introduced to the world of free trading. You post on a group (either a newsgroup or a forum board) to either give away stuff to someone else who could use it, or you can request stuff that you've been looking for. This is highly successful; it keeps items that are still in good working condition from landing in the, well, landfills. Plus, users get stuff for free, potentially saving lots of money. I found a web site called Switch Planet, and in my opinion, it's recycling done right.

Switch Planet offers the same service as other trade/recycling groups. However SP is a much bigger venture in that not only can members use the main site to list their owned and wanted goods, they can communicate with other members and site admins via the forums and SP Blog.

Here's how it works: Member #1 has listed all of his items that he wants to give away. He also makes a list of all the items he wants. Member #2 is looking for an item that Member #1 has. She wants to trade with #1. #2 uses her "switchbucs" to "pay" #1 for his item, and gives him her mailing address. Member #1 gets paid SP's mock currency that can be used to "pay" for an item that he wants in the future. With "switchbucs" there's no need for the same people to trade with each other.

The value of SP's currency varies each day, but members can easily keep track with the value of their goods with the "switchbucs calculator". Members can calculate their items' worth by comparing prices with Amazon's prices for new items. This is highly useful, and looks like fun. Never thought that a trading site would have it's own "economy", did ya?

Switch Planet's main site lists a lot of items for trade, and is more organized than any other trading/recycling group. Don't bother coming here for large items like appliances or large electronics though; for that I say stick with a group like Freecycle. Switch Planet offers the trading of DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Books (software, baby, yeah!). These things can be easily and inexpensively shipped to members. As a matter of fact, Switch Planet doesn't charge its members anything for trading with one another.

The whole [successful] point of SP is for perfectly good movies, games, music, and books to find new homes when their owners don't want them anymore. It's great, it works, and it's saving the planet.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Joined a webring today!

The webring navigation is at the bottom of the page. Sorry. I tried to put it in the right side bar, but it kept forcing items too far to the right. Stupid script. It can't be changed, so the bottom is where it stays for now. You should check it out. There are plenty of interesting sites to surf through.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

MyLot! Get paid to be a part of a discussion community

I signed up for a really nice site called My Lot, which is a place where users can add their blog for syndication and discuss any top they choose (I believe even "adult" matters can be talked about, but don't hold me to it). Lots of blogs are listed, including the popular ones you already read everyday. Any of the MyLot members can surf among the blogs to read topics and discuss them at the feeds' websites or start their own discussions on MyLot.

This following link is my myLot User Profile. I joined because it's great exposure to me and my own website. And it offers a great incentive to all who sign up. Not only do you get to meet a lot of cool people and create a network of friends and contacts, you get paid to. How sweet is that? All of you rabid MySpace people should know a thing or two about growing your own network of friends. Syndicate your MySpace profiles and blogs at MyLot and make your networks bigger. Blogger users too can join in and syndicate their blogs at MyLot in order to increase readership (and possibly generate more sales with your AdSense ads. Whether or not you have either kind of blog, it shouldn't stop you from putting your hands in the cookie jar with the rest of us. :D

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here comes the gravy train!

A week ago I managed to get a client from my mother, who happens to be one of her real estate clients. He wanted a website and 300 business cards. Now the card design was based off the web site design, which I'll upload a screen shot of both to the gallery as soon as I get his site up and going. This is the good news. The bad news is that I let the man get away with all of that for $180. ALL OF IT. And he had the nerve to say he was patronizing me because he's my first official design commission and that I should keep my prices low because the people in the city won't understand that they're paying for the designing of their product and the printing that occurs afterwards. What he implied is that our city's black urban community is too stupid to understand that a $250 commission is actually cheap in comparison to what most other graphic designers will charge them.

Oh-My-God. I charged him cheaply for my designs and charged him the difference of the supplies I had to buy for the cards. He got off so light it actually makes me a little upset. I'll never do that again. If someone wants me to design anything like a web site or business card or any design work, they're going to have to come off of at least $250 for me to do it, not including the printing costs. I'm seriously trying to make a career out of the talent I have, and I'm not going to be pressured by (people who think they know so much but need to pay designers to do what they actually don't know much about) tell me what price I should charge anyone. Period. Now get off my chesticles. Jerks. >:[

In much better news, I mailed off my resume, complete with cover letter and tear sheet to a healthcare center here in the area. Hopefully I'll be hearing from someone this week. In the meantime I've been filling my time with this. This program has some serious money-making potential. I plan to stay with it, because it's one of the very few out there that can be trusted when it comes to making money off the internet. After signing up, members can sign up with other trusted programs in order to increase earnings and gain more people to join in the profits to be made. If you have or can manage to get enough social pull, I suggest getting everyone you know into participating in Marketing Pond and its affiliated programs.

The easiest program to participate in is Agloco. The company is owned by the users, and user activity is tracked through a spyware-free, adware-free, and above all virus-free viewbar that is easily installed and controlled from the desktop. The viewbar must be running in order for Agloco to track your web surfing. That's all you get paid to do: web surf. It's the easiest money making venture ever. And as with the rest of the marketing programs, the best way to benefit from Agloco is to sign up, download the viewbar, and tell all of your family, friends, and work associates about it.

What's even better is to sign up from Marketing Pond and then sign up to Agloco from there. Also sign up for any other programs that interest you. The more you sign up for and participate in, the more potential you have to make money from doing what you usually do when you connect to the web, which is probably next to nothing. Please check out Marketing Pond, and good luck if you sign up! Contact me if you do and I can send you a few tips to get you started on promoting the programs for yourself. :D

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Resume now online

I replaced the PDFolio link with a link to my updated resume. I also updated the Sketch and Design galleries yesterday night. There are two inked illustrations in the Sketch section and two new [to you] designs in the Design section. I will be adding descriptions to the new entries in the galleries shortly.

I also updated the Links page yesterday night too, and this evening. There are only a few links to the sites I view the most.

I also added more ads to the site. I'm broke, can you blame me? :P I might be coming around to the expiration of my web hosting plan, so any visits to the advertised sites would be appreciated. The lot of them are geared toward my own interests, so no, no pyramid schemes, no links to phishing sites, none of that deceptive crap.

If there is one promotion I'd like to steer you all towards, it's With this search engine, you get paid to search. Yes, people actually get paid to use their search engine, and users make more money when they refer people to The reason for this is that SMS pays its users to refer people, thus letting SMS avoid paying out big bucks for advertisement and and outside affiliate programs elsewhere. SMS is partnered with, which is a wonderful search engine. With, you can preview snapshots of sites before going to them. That way you can avoid unnecessary search results. is in beta right now, but the services offered are pretty good. If you don't mind making a bit of money essentially doing nothing, it wouldn't hurt you to spend a minute signing up there. :)

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Pokemon Online

Pokemon Online - The Fan-Created MMORPG

I really liked Pokemon when I was younger. I wasn't a hardcore fan and didn't battle others much, but the thought of Pokemon going online for worldwide adventures really brings me back to the excitement of first playing the Gameboy games. Pokemon Online (POL) is still very much in development, but it looks very good.

If it is what I think it is, it was a project started by someone on an old P.O. game site (which I still had bookmarked), but then he disappeared for some reason. Whatever that reason, at least the game is in good hands now. There isn't any catching of pokemon in the game yet, but there is a lot more features to be added to this game. You can go to the site to see what the game currently offers.

A reminder to all out there: This game is NOT being created by anyone at Nintendo. However, according to some source, Nintendo hasn't ordered a cease in desist (unlike Squeenix, the bastards. I'll never forgive you for stopping the "Chrono Trigger Resurrection Project"!) and has actually permitted the current POL team to continue creating the MMO. As long as they're not making a profit off of the game, that is. That might explain the annoying ads though, but I'm sure that's to help with the cost of the servers, which the POL team is (I believe) are paying for.

If you were ever a Pokemon fan, or if you are interested in experiencing Pokemon for the first time, make sure to try out POL. And check out the new Pokemon games being released for the DS (

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh Blogger, how unstable you are...

The Blogger migration has set off a firestorm of problems for many users, particularly the BlogSpot-hosted users. Disappearing images, disappearing BLOGS, mass deletions of blogs for supposedly being spam, the list goes on. What makes it worse is that people looking for help idiotically flood the Blogger Help Group with problems that have been posted over and over again already, which makes it worse for people who are smart enough to search first find the solutions to their problems or people who have new problems to add to the group for help. I haven't run into any major problems, but I believe the worst one I could run into now is my blog not publishing to my web host.

Anyone who hasn't been hit by Blogger's instability should now realize the value of BACKUPS. Please take the time to backup your entire blog, template and all. Cheapest and easiest ways to back up your posts is to 1)add your email address to the "BlogSend Address" box under the "Email" tab in Settings so you can get your blog emailed to you; and/or 2) subscribe to your site's own RSS/Atom feed and download the feeds via a news aggregator client like RssReader or adding your feeds via email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, which can read news feeds. Then there is this way of creating a backup: "How to backup your Blogger blog". It republishes the blog as one page, so at least when users try to import their blog into the likes of WordPress, they don't have to open multiple emails and feeds to cut and paste each and every post. Since Blogger is now revamped, there is no other way to import entries to another blogging service, but at least blog recovery won't be a pain in the ass. 

I don't think anyone can stress it enough. If you're looking for an alternative to Blogger while they get their act together, then make sure you properly prepare for a move. The end.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's been a long damn time...

I haven't touched this site in a while, though I do upload various pictures and other media that I post on my LiveJournal. Hey, don't look at me like that; at least I'm not a MySpace whore. Besides, I like Bolt more; I've been there longer and am more involved trolling the masses. I have to admit, they're not that much better than MySpace now that they've created a whole new version of Bolt just to compete with MS's media submission system. And they've paid for it, because Universal has sued them for copyright infringement.

I would blame the dudes at Bolt for not moderating what's submitted, but there -is- a flag function on the site so users can report copyrighted or inappropriate material. It should keep the copyrighted works off the site, but it doesn't. So I blame all of the users who want something for nothing, whether they're doing it to get attention or doing it to share their favorite shows for public viewing. I know the site's going to eventually be plagued with even more ads than it already is, but that's the price of wanting something for nothing. If I "had it like that", I'd pay a subscription fee to not see the ads.

Alas, there are more important things than Bolt or MySpace, like getting my portfolio together and getting it online for viewing. Other than that, this site will remain a place for me to show others my hobbies and perhaps get myself hired by anyone wanting a commission done. Well, not even commissions; any energy that would go to doing freelance work is going to working with my college's Comic Book Artists Guild. We're trying to get a comic issue out by this December. Until then, you'll see quicky art and stuff done in my past classes in the gallery. =P

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