Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alright...Who sprayed the Bolt-B-Gone?!

Looks like I came to the party a whole day late. Yesterday, the once much loved, much fun community named Bolt, has ceased to be. Affective as of Aug. 14th of 2007, Bolt, Inc. and Friends filed for bankruptcy. I don't know if I should laugh, shed a tear, or play the world's smallest violin.

Perhaps I'll do all of those things. First of all, fuck you, Bolt, Inc. You just had to try to "keep up" with the competing social networks, but instead made Bolt into something far less desired: Yet Another Myspace Clone. While every Bolt veteran appreciated that the original community was not dumped completely for the sake of the Boltfolio mash up, it remained a stain in the minds of all of us who loved Bolt for what it was. Change is only good when there is a need for it.

An addition of a video channel and music channel for aspiring film makers and musical artists was a lovely idea, but if it was integrated into the existing Bolt [pre-Pornfolio/IP Theft-Gate], there wouldn't have been such a backlash coming from the community that you pissed on. Yes, you said "Fuck you guys, we like money more." to us, and went after MySpace when you clearly didn't have to. In my opinion, MySpace clearly did not surpass the greatness that was Bolt 1. It already had craploads of content that MySpace doesn't even have YET, and the community was far more involved.

Sure, I joined the new community site, thinking it was something that would co-exist with Original. Luckily other Bolt members saw the end coming and chewed out Bolt Inc. for it. Others followed, others were noobs, but the day did come. The day Bolt Inc. closed the original Bolt site (along with its other sister communities) was the day that Bolt died for thousands of loyal members. So at that point, I did shed a tear. Bolt was my first and favorite social network, and it was the coolest one I have ever gotten the chance to be a part of.

Now I laugh at the social network companies that made the dumbest moves possible. Going all Web 2.0 wasn't very profitable for you guys. I can sympathize with that. 2.0 is the way to go, but making a social network a Swiss Army knife of sorts isn't exactly my idea of making a web site great. Afterall, being greedy is what got you, Bolt Inc., into trouble in the first place. You did not take responsibility for the actions of the idiot users who exploited Boltfolio, causing you to sell out in the end, and yet getting almost bought out by GoFish (wow, even GF didn't want you) still didn't help you with your money woes. And so I play the world's small air violin for you.

I'm now using MySpace (*sigh*) to network and keep up with a few family members of mine. I'm a new member at Yuwie, which is a newer community that should prove popular and profitable to both the creators and users. I never really did like MySpace, so Yuwie may turn out to be much more fun. Heck I might even give Facebook a try due to PayPerPost linking opportunities there. So goodbye, Bolt. Who knows if you'll ever come back. Just know that no one will be holding the door open for you when or if you do.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sharing music online the RIGHT way.

Yes, the title this post is another stab at HHB. I notice that some people were out searching for the HHB blog happened to come across my previous post about it. Behold the usefulness of visitor logs. :D It's only been a couple of people that found my site looking for the now defunct blog, but I expect more, and flames. Oh god, the flames...they cook food nicely. ^_^.

Don't think I care that the place is gone. They deserved to get caught. If Blogger gets the blame for others using their blogging network for illegal purposes, it could spell bad times for everyone who's a member of Blogger. I like being a Blogger member; I don't know if you guys do or not. I invested too much time here.

Seriously why make such a blog public? WTF were you thinking??? You don't make something of that magnitude public on a network where thousands of people can find it. Why don't you try to use your brain for something useful, like finding good music that is so SCARCE, not even would have it. Providing hip hop music that I can buy on Yahoo! Music with little difficulty, not to mention cheaper than most retail, makes you, HHB admin, a waste of good PR.

Alright, no more ranting.

So I found Orb months ago, an application that not only lets you share media with computers in your own home/office network, you can share with people all over the internet. You can stream music, video, and your live TV shows. Very cool. Despite the new leash on internet radio, Orb isn't going anywhere. You want to broadcast your music? Make it happen with Orb. That's what I'm going to do here, so please, don't be alarmed when you hear the music.

I picked an album that my boyfriend shared with me, After Dark: Chicago. He only shared to first disc of the entire album, but it's enough to make a smooth-flowing playlist in here. I'm using Orb to share the playlist, because it's one of the easiest ways to share the music but give visitors control over what songs they here from it. The media player is in the right sidebar. I swear, this is the last layout update I'm doing tonight. ^_^;;

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For all of you Perverted Justice skeptics out there

The volunteer-driven group Perverted Justice catches guys in the act of committing cyber sex crimes all year 'round. Despite their tactics of catching the losers, people question PJ's motives. Why not women offenders? Well that's a good question, but it has a very easy answer: women offenders are extremely rare. They are so rare that the number of female offenders out there pale in comparison to the male offenders. Also, a lot of them have not been convicted or got a slap-on-the-wrist kind of conviction.

The judicial system is horribly biased when it comes to men and women committing crimes in general. A number of these women didn't have to register as a sex offender, depending on where the crimes were committed and who the judge was. Where men would get the book thrown at them, their female counterparts usually get no jail time at all.

Another thing to note is that a lot of women offenders don't seek out minors to have sex with like men do. Men don't have to go out searching for victims either, but they're the most aggressive when preying on minors. With women, the child is usually someone who is very close to them, whether it's their own relative (eww), a friend of a relative, or (the most publicized type of victim) a school student. Here is an article with a compiled list of female offenders from all over the U.S. with some of them being from Canada:

List of women sex offenders (most if not all are teacher)

I don't know why I was shocked to see some of the faces, but I was. Seriously, a number of the women in that list are very becoming! Why they didn't go out and get a young but legal hotty is what perplexes me. Some of these women are/were married, and maybe felt that going out of their way to have an affair with an equally older person was too risky. Maybe they're bigger kids than the kids they actually slept with. Maybe they're just like the men, with the whole "sleeping with a minor is a fantasy" deal. I bet it's a combination of all of those things.

I guess I'm blogging about this crap is because I regularly read articles from, and this was the one that caught my eye today. With the exposure of the 31-year-old World of Warcraft player who was having a cyber relationship with a much younger WoW player (17-y-o), it makes me think of how much women get away with here. And really, the whole double standard that's going on with women sex offenders makes me sick. Throw the fucking book at these basket cases! What's so hard about that? If they bonked someone who is not at the age of consent, give them jail time.

The NC judicial courts can give a 31-y-o Australian woman 2 years jail time for a kidnapping that was never planned (the boy was caught trying to fly to Australia on his own), but you can't jail a U.S. woman who knew the laws and screwed minors anyway. American law enforcers, you FAIL. The police have the mind to arrest the women, but the judges won't let them have the consequences of their actions. Just ridiculous.

Perverted Justice tries to catch both men and women, but women usually duck below the cyber offender radar. And why should they coerce teens over the internet? They're in the classrooms teaching your children or being extra nice to their son's/daughter's friends.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ghettopoly: Spoof Gone Too Far?

I picked up on an article posted at about a board game that spoofs the classic Monopoly game, gangsta rap style. Click here for a "Ghettopoly news article". This has caused a considerable amount of controversy from the African American community. Now I'm African American, and I live in what was called a "bad" part of the city. I can see the humor in the game, considering I have pals that make fun of ignorant racist stereotypes all the time. But it was made by someone who is ignorant about the African American culture, and probably never set foot in 'the hood'. Not only that, but the majority of the players are not truthfully aquainted with the African American culture. I think that's the aspect that hurts most... [more at the forum]

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